Bone Meal-blood Meal

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  1. Help. I Have Just Recently Purchased Both Bone Meal And Blood Meal...i Was Convinced But The Lady Who Worked There, She Told Me This Stuff Was Extremely Good On Tomato Plants, Which Gro The Same As Mj, Well Thats What I Was Told...has Anyone Used This Yet...if So How Good Is It. Great Results Or What...
  2. I have not personally used them but I know of others who have used them with great success. Isn't one used for veg and the other for flower? You would be able to tell by the NPK listed on the bag if it has it.
  3. blood meal (high N content) for vegging and bone meal (high P content) for flowering. either pre-mix your soil, or spoon a tablespoon's worth or even more every few inches around the edge of your pot. mix it in gently with a fork or garden claw (don't go too deep or you risk hitting roots) going down a couple inches. water after doing this and you'll be all set. a common misconception is that you can't cause fert burn with organic ferts. that is wrong, but it is harder with organics. oh, and it'll smell kinda funny the first few times you water your plant after using bone or blood meal.
  4. Careful, bone meal can raise your pH.

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