Bone Like Bump On Chest.. Help?

Discussion in 'General' started by blazin420allday, May 19, 2013.

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    So I've had this lump on the left side of my chest in between my pecs for a long time (don't remember how long). It feels like a bone and it's never hurt before but its embarrassing and uncomfortable and lately its been more uncomfortable than usual. Does anyone have any clue what it might be?? I know I need to see a doctor but I just wanted some opinions on it. Thanks guys View attachment 1211206
  2. you have boob cancer....  :cry:
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    It's hard to tell from you pic, but it looks like it might just be your collarbone or an odd rib or something. Is it asymmetrical with your right side? Could you maybe take a more frontal picture too?
  4. its now a circular lump its just like.. If my bone was inflated or something. I really don't know how to describe it but the picture shows it pretty well tho (had to take it at a weird angle to show it)
  5. I'd go to the Dr. men can get breast cancer as well as women can..
    Being a hard lump..IDK, go to the doctor....
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    it's definitely not my collarbone but here's the picture. I'm putting my finger on the bottom of it to show where it is exactly since its hard to get a good picture View attachment 1211213
  7. I don't think the pic worked. I just wanted another one to better see where exactly it is, so pointing would be perfect. Also, I forgot to also recommend before like jmick that you should talk to your doctor if you're worried about it. They'll either make you feel better about it or figure out how to fix it. ;)
  8. could be a calcium deposit
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  10. Sounds like you're noticing your xiphoid process for the first time.

    as you age, this ossifies and becomes more noticeable. It is perfectly normal. As with all people, asymmetry is the norm, so one side will be larger than the other.

    I was in your shoes about this, and worried myself ragged until I realized its perfectly normal, and actually protects your ribs.

    Here is a short clip of text from wikipedia describing this in detail:

    The xiphoid process /ˈzɪfɔɪd/, or xiphisternum or metasternum, is a small cartilaginous process (extension) of the lower part of the sternum which is usually ossified in the adult human. By age 15 to 29, the xiphoid usually fuses to the body of the sternum with a fibrous joint. Unlike the synovial articulation of major joints, this is non-movable. Much the way the first seven ribs articulate with the sternum, the cartilage in the celiac plexus joins on the xiphoid process, reinforcing it, and indirectly attaches the costal cartilage to the sternum.

    Haha, and people claim i'm not smart :laughing:

    touching it compulsively will cause swelling, making it more noticeable. Dont worry, op. Your beautiful nipple overshadows it.

    No homo :laughing:

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