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    Everytime I buy weed I take it out of the bag & put it in a container with desiccant. You know how sometimes the weed you get will be like super crispy? This will make it that way. It just crumbles right out of your fingers into the bowl. :) The bottle doesn't need to be completely sealed. Don't think it matters. I got this idea from my friend. I complained that I liked bone dry weed and all the shit I was getting was moist (by my standards at least) and he said if I left weed in a dresser drawer overnight, it'd be crispy next morning (Even just simply leaving your weed out will get it crispy eventually, I discovered). I originally thought the misture was due to a plant's particular resin content or whatever, but much to my surprise, he was right. Being the optimizer that I am, I came up with the desiccant idea. Today I discovered that it only takes like 45 minutes to significantly dehydrate like an eighth.
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  2. Why would you want to have dry weed? I hate when my dope's even a little dry.
  3. whattt? am i hearing this right?

    i think you need to re-evaluate ur situation bro.

    if you want to blaze your whole bowl in one toke bc ur smokin dry ass crumbs thats cool with me.

    but i prefer it sticky and slow burning !
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  4. first of all, duh.

    second of all, toking tools?
  5. relocate thread :) thank you
  6. He gave me bone dry weed when I had the shakes and withdrawal from wanting THC calmed me right up

    4 yrs ago
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  7. Yaaa I like bone dry weed, right now I'm trying to make my weed more Cbn deteriorating that THC so I can have a more medicating effect for my condition
  8. Thumbs up brah
  9. i also like some dry ass weed every now and then
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  10. Even thou the OP is banned, Dry weed is AWESOME! It's perfect for kiefing in my grinder. It's all powder-y and when you inhale, it hits hard!:RoorRip: Milky as can be:love-m3j:
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  11. Lol I live in Colorado we have a very dry climate here. Weed tends to dry up rather quickly if you don't keep it in an airtight jar or leave the jar open the buds will be bone dry the next morning.
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  12. did this guy really create a second account to comment 3 times in a row his own offtopic tread
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  13. What's wrong with you there has to be something wrong with you
  14. this thread is wrong with me XD and you are wrong to me, ive been wrong to you sorry... you probably are not "this guy"
  15. An energy thief is what you are
  16. no energy in this dry thread :ey: wait i just realised its a thread from 2009 forget about it... unless you really came back years later to your own thread... this whole thing is now yours since you necroed it...

    dry weed isnt bad... just seconds after its in my vape, any kind of weed gets bone dry. so whats good about moisture, not sure rly maybe a bit more taste to it
  17. a lot of things happen to your weed when it gets overly dry. terpenes evaporate, the weed burns too quickly and harsh which completely destroys most of the active compounds the weed hadn't lost while you over-dried it etc... and if you want some cbd, if you are in the U.S i think you can buy cbd concentrates with no problem, only ''getting high'' is illegal and cbd doesnt make u high. as far as i know americans can get cbd in the mail for real.
  18. Back in the day I would throw a piece of orange peel in my bag for a while if it was super dry. Smoke wouldn't be as harsh and the orange flavor added a little to it. (Yeah I know, necro thread.. felt like posting anyway).
  19. wow i do the same just did and threw out the lemon peels like half hour ago
  20. A question for the people who dont like dry weed in cones or joints.

    Do you also add tobacco for your bong hits and joints? I find dry is better in bong hits and joints but i dont add tobacco.

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