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Bone and blood meal

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by mr.mary, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. i need help on how much fertilizer i need to put in the plant

    i have a clone that im about to put in the ground as soon as the roots form a little better. i bought some blood meal and some bone meal for it. but i dont know how much im supposed to put in the soil, and i pretty much dont know what to do at all.......i never use any fertilizer prior to this..

    so i need to know how much bone meal and how much blood meal to put and when to put it and how to put it......

    i will have pics of the plant so u know exactly what i have...

    coke can so u know how big it is


  2. :wave:blood and bone are rich in pk so dont use until the fall instead get some worm humus or worm shit thats got your n in it for veg o and just sprinkel it on the soil few hand full:hello:
  3. actually blood meal is a great way to add a highly usable source of organic nitrogen. However, if you use the blood meal keep an eye on your PH because it can make the soil more acidic. Analysis of Blood Meal: Nitrogen 13.25% Phosphorous 1% Potassium .6%. Blood Meal is water soluble and can be given as a fertilizer but be careful because it can burn your plants because of the excess ammonia given off when the plants break it down. Bone Meal on the other hand has analysis of N-P-K of usually 4-12-0 making it a good fert for promoting root development
  4. I agree that blood and bone meal are great fertilizers. I have used them every outdoor grow with great results. I never use much tho two handfulls of each for all 20, 5 gal buckets. Now I did put a couple plants out later and didn't premix the mutes in so I just followed directions on the bag and put a couple of pinches of each in the top 2-3 inches if soil and they are doing great. One down side I have heard to using bone meal is it attracts animals if not prepared in the soil prior to planting, but I just use my pee and anytime I get my hair cut I save the hair and spread it around at the site and have not had any problems at all with animals and I'm a guerilla grower. So I would say just a teaspoon of each should be good for the one plant
  5. right on...a little goes a long way

  6. god i love GC. You can find answers just about anywhere.:hello: ill be out in the super wilderness. would the worm humus/shit or bone/blood meal be better?
  7. they all work well but with the blood meal you might attract some animals at first until it gets worked down into the soil

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