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  1. Hello all, Im new here but not new to the Mj scene. I have attempted a mirco pc grow op but being new I failed to plan, which in other words I planned to fail. I have since read hours upon hours of others journals, advice and guides, and have finally got the courage to start up again. I will be posting pictures on a weekly basis and the occasional video. This is all to keep track of my progress and also to use as a diagnosis in case of any issues I may have, and it certainly helps to have a community such as grass city providing such extensive support. Any how, you can find my setup below;


    Im using 20/4 for vegetation, and plan to use 14/10 for flowering.
    -1x 70 watt HPS
    -1x58 watt LPS
    -2x 23 watt warm CFL
    -1x 23 watt cool CFL
    I try to keep all ends of the spectrum and I must say these lights give off a blinding effect of staring into the sun, so I'd imagine the plants like this. The camera does not do the light justice, nor or any other picture high quality but its enough to see whats there.
    -The room is in the shape of a right-triangle, with the base being 3m, height 3.2m, and width about 1.5m.
    -1 18" inch fan with 3 settings (can increase airflow if needed)
    The room is in an undeveloped basement so it is already somewhat cold, probably averaging around 25-30 degrees Celsius. The lights give off enough heat however to bring the room to a warmer, more humid climate. The plants seem to be happy so far, so until they start acting strange I'm going to keep things the same. The only thing I worry about is the temp drop at night(no heat from lights) but I'd assume plants would have to battle this variable in outdoor life anyhow, rendering the grow environment more "realistic". The lights are being constantly moved around alike the plants to maximize growth in all areas.

    I picked up a small bag of soil to get started (only 3 plants to start). It so far has been doing awesome, no signs of nute deficiency that I can see. I will continue to buy this brand as long as it continues to work for me :D.
    As for nutrients and plant food, I'm unsure if Im going to use it. Id like some opinions based on the soil Im using, so the food can makeup for nutrients the soil lacks or has been depleted of. I heard sprinkling a little fresh soil on top prior to watering can help distribute some nutrients, also. I'm honestly scared to feed because it can negate or even kill if used improperly(which sounds easy to do ::().
    So this is indeed an area I need help/insight from others on, and Im sure it could also affect the yield, either for better or worse. :(


    So theres the info you can draw from, the journal will be updated weekly starting with entry #1 at 2 weeks old. I look forward to learning and conversing with all of you!
    ⇩You can find my journal below! ⇩
    WEEK #2
    Its week #2 and after transplanting two plants, and somewhat failing at it, Im sure they are a little stressed, so I left the final third one as-is in the sprite bottle, and am going to tape around the soil line so the roots can have their darkness(I heard they dont like light), and will transplant if I figure its a female, when the time comes. I have been watering everyday but starting today I will be watering less frequently, as the bigger pots hold moisture much longer. Also, the leaves are begining to take on the signature "pot leaf" shape, which the pictures somewhat show. Im very exited about the top plant, as she seems more bushy and has quite the peach fuzz going on. My gut tells me its a female but Id hate to work myself up then notice balls upon the branches one day, lol. Any how not much has changed, and things seem to be going well exept the two cotyledons on one plant(2nd picture) seem to have discolored, slouched, and died(?). The rest of it seems ok, it is the most upward stretching plant of the triplets, sort of resembling lettuce (the devils!) haha.
    Anyhow, Ill be updating as often as there is a noticeably different change.
    In the meantime, toke up!:bongin:


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