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  1. hey did anyone go to bonaroo last year. can you tell me how it was and what it was like in general. and also how much tickets were. cause i am thinking about going this summer. thanks
  2. heh man, benton went last summer. he can tell you everything. he said it was awesome and he will go with us and so will peter and charlie and prorably more people. sonny, leif maybe. i dunno but he can help you with that.
  3. alright cool i will ask him next time
  4. you can probably get some shrooms or acid from him too. just keep in touch- later
  5. hey does anyone know hoe much tickets are to bonnaroo. are they over 220. thanks in advance for any info
  6. yeah first post lol, but about a most badass thing

    I'm going with probably two friends and my dad. It's gonna be great seeing the Dead with him, he saw them years ago, im stoked. Most of my friends aren't going to go, which kind of sucks. We are looking for some people to hook up with once we get there if that's cool, I'll start hanging out around here to get to know you guys

    Anyways, tickets end up being about $150. Make sure to get them early because it's going to sell out fast

    One thing i can guarantee, it's going to be a most badass experience.


    The list of bands playing this year is unreal. I'm going to buy my ticket this Saturday when they go on sale for like 135 bucks.

    Should be an awesome weekend.

    I'm more psyched for the three phish shows I'm going to see next week though :)
  8. damn you i wanna see phish. where are you seeing them. i am gonna buy tickets saturday too
  9. i'm going to east rutherford, nj on monday, and philly tuesday.

    i saw them new years and the first two nites of Hampton.

    headies and phish, next week is gonna rock :)
  10. man i wish i wan going
  11. why dont you go?

    I went to Hampton with 0 tickets, and got into two shows.

    Even if you don't get in, its well worth going, especially if you live close by.
  12. tickets for bonnaroo are only $119 if you get them the first week. then they go up gradually. get 'em early fuckers

  13. wish we had the $, the tickets might be affordable but w/ air travel, time off work and hotel and food it's monetarily impossible :(

    but hey, hopefully they'll release another DVD this year? last year's DVD was UNREAL and while it's not the same as being there, it was a little taste, and if that's all i can afford i'll take what i can get! <3
  14. hell yes the 2002 dvd is just insane, i mean just mesmerizing.

    so has everyone gotten their tickets yet? They are up to $150 now so they must be selling pretty quick!

    Picked up 4: My dad, girlfriend, friend, and I. Should be awesome...plan is to get my dad to smoke some herb while there.
  15. nice plan. i just might go for the same thing. if not, ill just fuckin' pick up some friends and fuckin' go. man i wanna go so bad. it seems like they're sellin' fast but they are expecting over 100,00 people. yeah, thats a lot.
  16. got my ticket today!
  17. i am getting two for my dad and i tommorow its gonna be great
  18. just for bragging sakes, i'm heading to the Nassau Phish show tonight :D

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