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bon jovi and weed.....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mini_toker, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. im so sondt and im listing to bon jovi realy loudee and iys so cool l8ter i'll tell how it went.....
  2. ........bon jovi and weed?
  3. hes probably embarrased thats why hes not back to tell us how it went..
    i saw bon jovi on tv last weekend that guy owns the Philadelphia proarena football team..i think its a weak move.

  4. That is hopefully the only reason...
  5. even i, who once had bon jovi hair can only saw "wow"
  6. srry bout not being back iv been taking care of sum stuff it went well but im not emberest at all i like most of his music so dont be dissin him or slap u silly
  7. slap me silly?..ill cold cock you with my big willie, set you down and smoke a phillie, sweet that is, you know how we kick it up here in this grasscity showbiz, now that ive blazed you up im gonna step back and drink a couple o pints with sensi, take a hike in the woods, and jam on some hendrix until my nose starts singing along.

    by the way....ITS MY LIFE!!!

  8. i could slap u wit my cock and break ur neck child and "its my life" is the best song
  9. no need for neck breaking....
  10. waitwaitwait, just to clarify for someone trippin outta his mind... no ones dissing "its my life" right?
    dont get me wrong, bon jovi is not my cup of coffee, as a matter of fact i hate coffee, im more of a hard A kind of guy, but still, ITS MY LIFE is one of my favorite songs, so although i wont threaten you if you dont like it, cause i cant, you like, shouldnt... fuck i wish i could sleep.
  11. t would i diss that song irt kick ass
  12. no, i simply referenced that song because its one of the few that i like by bon jovi
  13. hehehe the acid wash jeans,practically painted on, the hair -refering to "the claw", boy o boy lol.that's what i think of when i hear bon jovi. i'm not a huge fan of bon jovi, but i can handle some of his songs. some of the time. lol.

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