Bombing house from fleas

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  1. I had some friends over and they brought their pets. A few weeks later and we're battling fleas.

    I have a grow tent in the basement. It's intake is from a room downstairs and it exits through a window outside.

    I'm planning on flea bombing the house and I need to know how to do it without hurting the plants. I was thinking of sealing up the intake but not sure if it's a good idea. The plants are still in seedling stage.
  2. move your plants to the car trunk

    or some distance out

    bomb the place allow the air to clear ..say 6-8 hours

    then return the plants

    Don't forget you and your family will be living in that chem cocktail

    pay attention to the chem signs

    good luck
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  3. Simply extend your intake to an outside source

    No worries.

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  4. I'll be staying in a hotel for a day while it airs out. I'm not sure I can put the intake to an outside source.
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  5. Just get an extra length of flexible duct and stick it out a window?

  6. take seedlings with you ..?
  7. Worse comes to worse and you have no other choice. Shut off the growlights, ventilation and seal up the tent. Wrap it in visqueen or something similar and tape the seams. It will be fine for a day as long as it's not in a place that's too hot or cold.
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  8. I put all my plants outside at the same time for the first time to treat some mites a week ago and scour the tent. I had never put them all outside on a sunny day. It looked like a jungle. I have no idea how I fit that much plant material in my tent. No way it would be able to be moved anywhere without being noticed unless you had a uhaul moving van. Even then it would be an entire van load of plants near up to the ceiling.

    I like the idea of shutting it down, wrapping it up, and making them sit in the dark for a day.
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  9. Some of my plants just grew their seedling leaves. So they've been on a strict 18/6 timer. They turn on at 5 am, turn off at 11 pm. Would it turn my plants hermi if I turned lights off at like 12pm - 12pm? Or should I use a different time or length of time with lights off?
  10. the plants are so young, I wouldnt do anything. most of the plant hasn't grown yet and the pesticide will b gone by flower anyway.
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  11. agree with storz. there in veg its perfectly fine . if you cant move them or dont want to . then spray that shit into the house its just fine you can just wash the plants off with a mister water later if you like there is no need though . now if there in flower we need to take some action the buds would soak that shit right up but most of the time in flower you cant move them there to fragile . so what you would do is to throw some sort of blanket or tarp onto the top of them and seal the tent up . if you have any bug i like to fight them all so spray the house and lets give the plants a good spray later to make sure they dont have any bugs . pets carry spider mites as well
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  12. The plants would be fine even if they were deep into flower. I've made it through several power outages over my years of growing. Even had a few that lasted a couple days. I've also sealed up plants for transport in garbage bags and had them in for more then 24hrs without issue.
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  13. So it won't force them into flower? (I know they are only in start of veg but some people put their plants in 24 hour darkness to help switch to flower from veg).

    I'll be sealing tent up for under 24 hours, no light.
  14. not even remotely true. I've moved many flowering plants without issue ever
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  15. No plants do not make the change that quickly. Some people do alot of uneccessary things. You'll be fine
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  16. Bombing for fleas doesn't work. Vacuum the house thoroughly, and often.
    Then buy this:
    Ultracide Flea Killer

    Vacuum daily and in two weeks reapply. Your fleas will be gone. Read the label and apply accordingly. One can is supposed to be good for 2400sq ft or something like that. You aim the can, at an angle and essentially paint the floor. Pay attention to the spray pattern, wear a mask and move quickly. It will treat only the areas that need to be treated, not every surface in the home. Fleas won't be on your counter tops, why treat them? Flea bombs are not safe, do not work very well and create unnecessary chemical exposure to your entire family.
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  17. no way your going to move one of the flowering plants around here lmao . even with the 20 bamboo poles per plant uses . move it an snap a branch .
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  18. So I've got a story to tell you all.

    I put my cat in an animal hotel for two days. I bought a hotel room for myself and family for two days. I hired a cleaning company to come in the day after I was suppose to bomb the house. Everything is all set and ready to go minus the bomb itself.

    Go to Wal-Mart, they don't have it.
    Go to home depot and home hardware, they don't have it.
    Hi to Lowe's and the lady says, "yea they're banned in this province."

    Mfw. :|

    At least the vet she stayed with applied a 5 month flea treatment and cleaned her. Plus I have a cleaning crew coming now too.
  19. Go online and buy Ultracide! Way better than any bomb...

    There's a reason nobody sells them.
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  20. Fleas have been wiped.
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