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Bombest Weed Ull ever see

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Burgh4Life, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. 120 bucks for that baggie full and just grinding it up now...smells like Awesomeness. Whatyu think? haha wish u were gunna smoke with me tnight u do :wave: :smoke:
    Tried to zoom in but my phone made it all blurry thats the best quality i got but stillu can tell its bomb.

  2. Not the bombest, but not bad.
  3. dissapoint.
  4. What a let down.

    Shoulda known when I saw "ull"

    And to answer your question, I'm content smoking without you tonight... my bud is better.
  5. Not even close!

  6. hoohoo ;) yep ur right man this is some shittty bud....i prob should throw that shit out...
  7. Your bag of popcorn is not impressive
  8. haterz haters and more hating. Come on ppl im telling u its ill but whatever just wanted to share with everyone my new stash. sorry if its not good enough for yall :p
  9. Definately not the bombest shit Ull ever see.
  10. None of us would have been so blunt if you hadn't been so audacious
  11. 7.5/10 Not the bombest. Still good stuff though.
  12. i wish i had a better camera to show u all these crystals

  13. And then put up really shitty pictures...
  14. And then call us haters for
    Speaking the truth...
  15. Yea how did you think people would react lol. Anyway, I'm sure its good shit but there are many regulars in stash jar who've been smoking 5, 10, maybe even more years and they've come across some dank ass shit.

  16. word, ive been smoking 4 years so guess i gott a couple more to catch up haha
  17. You wouldn't have got any disrespect if it wasn't for your snobby ass approach bro. Don't get me wrong, you can obviously tell it's some bomb shit even if it looks like you took it while juggling the camera. And no, I actually definitely don't wish I was with you to smoke, you come off as an ass from your first post man.
  18. Dank buds...most def not the best
  19. What did you expect, its not that great. lol.

  20. wow buddy i was having a good time when i posted it was the best bud ever:hello: what ever dude more bud for me, but u need just chill n smoke or something cuse u seem mad :( :smoke:

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