Bomber Jackets

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  1. I'm thinking of getting one of these, they look pretty cool. What brands, if any do you guys recommend?
  2. Unless you're laying waste to unarmed, innocent, mild-mannered civilians from fifteen thousand feet, you'll never get the same effect from wearing it.

    That's just my take.
  3. if you feel good for that then just go for it
  4. one of the ultimate douche bag looks imo. unless you get the real bushy kind, then ya just look like an out of work pilot.
  5. Well I'd be wearing it with a hoodie underneath so it covers the top part of them, which I don't like.
  6. IMO, bomber jackets are hard to get right but if you find one thats not too loud and fits well i'd definitely go for it.








  7. how much ed hardy do you own?
  8. whats wrong with ed hardy, its cool artwork
  9. Is that the line you use on dumb drunk girls?
  10. what brand is the 2nd "yes" jacket? adidas?
  11. I'd definitely bang the second jacket. I'd go for it. Also, let me get the name of that brand. I ain't tryin to be all dickeatin but dat jawn extra fly.

  12. i dont even have any ed hardy stuff. but really, what is there to hate about it? is it the people who wear it? i sincerely think a lot of it looks cool.
  13. Then that's the only reason you should need to wear it.

    The only thing worse than people wearing clothing because it makes them a part of some abhorrent, money-fueled, fashion-frenzied clique is other people accusing you, an individual, of being part of one of those cliques just because of the clothes you wear.

    The hate follows the trends, and I don't care what it is. If you dress in a plain, monotone t-shirt and blue jeans, there will be at least ten people in the immediate area who have already, probably subconsciously, placed you into some benign category of society that doesn't qualify you to indulge in their company.

    So to hell with trying to escape judgement. Wear what you want.

  14. Nah man that ed hardy shit is the worst, not only is it ultra flashy but most of the art work is just kinda pushy and gawdy.
  15. [​IMG]

    You find it cool, I find it demeaning to humanity as a whole.​
  16. It's derivative drawings a kid does, in my opinion.

    It's weak "art." Nothing more.
  17. the only bomber jacket i ever liked cost like 2 Gs...probably cause it was Louis Vuitton....shit was raw...wish i had money to throw away like that lol
  18. Not to mention most people who wear it are huge dicks and think they are all that. There are several clubs here that have signs outside prohibiting Ed Hardy, Tapout, Christian Audigier.

  19. Prof- why, the glitter? thats cause its a myspace thing. the quote? that its simple? its simple because its supposed to look like an old tattoo. and if you look out there theres some pretty detailed talented ed hardy stuff with dragons, tigers ect without any messages to dissagree with

    Yatego - Ed Hardy Men Flocked Tee - Kamikaze - braun

    like that

    durchii- words of wisdom
  20. The black colour look very nice.The Bomber is warm but it would have been nice to see some venting. It's all very well looking cool in the pub.Bomber Jacket combines urban style with innovative features. Built on a wide range of fabrics, it is quite versatile, and commuting and long trips.

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