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  1. No, their descriptions don't make any sense. Berry Bomb is Blueberry x Bomb #1. The description says it's a Sat/Indica hybrid. Blueberry is Indica, which makes Bomb #1 either a hybrid or pure sativa. But Hash Bomb is Bomb#1 x "Amsterdam Skunk", and skunks are hybrids. So it should be a hybrid, right? Nope, it's labeled as indica. So I don't know what the hell's going on with their breeding program. Doesn't make sense to cross 2 hybrids to try and develop an indica.
  2. Exactly.. I've been trying to figure this company out. Their the only seed bank that doesn't say what their seeds are actually crossed with. Its peeked my interest and I was hoping someone had some information.

  3. I'm familiar with the THC Bomb from these guys THC Bomb - Our signature strain from Bomb Seeds. Strong THC content and pretty killer yields. There's some grow journals on here from people that have grown THC bomb.

    Blueberry isn't 100% indica, it's more like a 80/20 split which is why the website states that Berry Bomb is 'indica dominant'. The hash bomb being indica I'm guessing it must be a typo on the site, have you tried emailing them about the genetics? I'd be keen to find what the Bomb 1 and 2 genetics are! :smoke:
  4. I've ordered Thc bomb seeds too and they are fantastic yelder. They are very fast with shipment, got a 100% germination. just one seed was crappy, but was in the free bonus bag...
  5. I grabed the Big bomb which is a cross with Big Bud and Bomb #1... Just wish they would say what Bomb#1 or 2 genetics are. They describe big bomb as having a skunky smell so you would think it would have to be a skunk or widow maybe. Most of their seeds claim to give large yeields.. sounds intersting. I plan on popping the seeds into some coco coir soon and I'm hoping for some good weed and a big yields. Got a bubba kush seed as my free gift.
  6. Nice! I would be more excited about the Bubba Kush personally :D
  7. I know! Right
  8. I believe that blueberry originally was sativa dominant and they have just bred more and more indica into it? :confused_2: I think it started from a sativa dominant and possibly a sativa period?:confused:
    Maybe I am wrong though? Not saying the BB you would purchase now would be sativa dominant I am saying the original ones were and I think if a breeding project was using those old gene lines that could explain it?:confused_2:
  9. This is one of them at about 4 weeks (doing lst to main stem).

  10. I'm so glad I found this thread. I was buying a white widow seed and saw widow bomb. I was originally going with green house seeds white widow but bomb is saying is better yield and more potent.

    Anyone have experience with either strain?

    To go along with topic I would think one of the bombs is indica and one sativa. But who knows exactly what strains??
  11. I planted 2 big bomb Feminized seeds...1 became a herni and the other had an average amount of buds, nothing great...actually.... disappointed because the company description of Big Bomb made it seem as an extra large harvest was emmenent... Can't believe everything you read...
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    If you really want a disappointment, try growing THC Bomb.:mad: If you click on OP link then about us 2 Bomb Seeds site, they claim that their strains breed true and what not. Anyone who tries these seeds will see that is not so true. I ran THC bomb and I got 3 different phenos, 1 looks nothing like the other 2. I'm sure if you grow enough of their strains and seeds you will find some keepers but as far a consistentcy and true breeding goes = :(
  13. It's a hybrid, they do that...if you want absolute pheno control you will have to shop for a more bred out plant...Sannie Seeds has a couple of plants that are exact copies of each other, all 11 of my Killing Fields f-7 were within a quarter inch of each other in height, all the same growth pattern, except for colour and yeild they were pretty much the same plant. Perhaps 'consistency' in THCBombis for the effect, yeild, flowering time, root pattern, leave/branch development...not specific pheno.

    I have read an awful lot of posts on pheno distribution and whether a plant is well bred or not, and I think that the fem seed popularity has interfered with the natural order of things. They pick one female plant to stress and make seeds from and the progeny is pretty much standard after that, someone tries regular seed stock...and don't like what they see. Choice of pheno's is the best part of a breeding program for me, you can carry the smell/taste and high on any pheno, and now also have the choice of fitting that shape pheno that you like into your breeding program, rather than have to make allowances for 8 ft plants or some such...when a Thai give you a short pheno, that one in a million, you take it! Pheno's distribution is good in my book.

    My 2 cents.
    Searching for that 3 ft Thai :)

  14. That is a bit of a surprise as i have grown these guys genetics a few times now. I agree that you may bet more than one pheno occasionally but i cannot sing the praises of THC bomb enough. I bought 10 reg THC Bomb about a year ago and although there was a little variation in 2 of them the vast majority were an unbelievable smoke. Even the two that were slightly different were worth holding onto as they showed more of the Sativa pheno which turned out really well.
  15. I've only ever heard of good things from THC Bomb, as i said previously in this thread there are a few grow journals on here that show some great results from the strain. Personally i like the look of the Berry Ryder and would interested to find out in anyone has any experience with the strain.

    To add my two cents, seed genetics aren't and never will be 100% stable, especially when seeds have been bred to attain certain traits/characteristics the chance of seeds developing different phenotypes when grown increases.
  16. Just started hash bomb, widow bomb and big bomb

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