Bomb seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by T flath, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Do not, do not, buy bomb seeds from breeder, they have worst customer service. My second order they told me if I sent mony put paperwork enclosed, this tells whoever picks up there mail knows there is mony in envelope this gave me a very bab feeling and of course I did NOT get my order, the only way to get the to respond was to threaten to disparage there co, I sent them my last e Mail ,,,, I suck , u burned me, I hope u feel good ,what comes around goes around, now boys and girls if u must have bomb seeds but them from a legetamet seed bank, at least you will get ur product, and don't have to deal with these Shilheels
  2. Wtf are you on?
  3. I'm on a rage I spent $140 for seeds , got 1 order bunk, second order disappeard like majic, so friend buy all the bomb seeds u want, just don't throw a WHINE party when u get ur order if u do. SNOLEPERD
  4. what u mean bunk?

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