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  1. What's up grasscity, I'm new here. This is my second grow and first time using feminized seeds. The strain I'm growing is berry bomb from bomb seeds, looked so good so I couldn't resist. Going to make my seed a mother plant then proceed to taking clones and putting them outdoors. My current indoor setup is just a basic home made cfl grow light consisting of 4 26 watt 5000k cfls and 2 26 watt 6500k bulbs. All under an aluminum reflector. All organic soil mix that I made myself consisting of worm castings, peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. Also seedling mix for the little girl. She just sprouted today! Pics will be up soon ::smoke:: sub! Thanks
  2. Subbed.

    I'm excited to see what comes of your grow and I will be following hopefully to learn something as I am planning on doing the same with a similar setup and also want to do organic.

  3. So I noticed my starting leaves are really droopy not sure if its a problem I'm a noob to this any input will be much appreciated!
  4. looks fine to me man.
  5. Subbed. Hopefully I'll get started growing one of these days. It is still to early for me. I don't want 15 foot trees :p
  6. I grew the big bomb over the summer of 2012. It was awesome. Im sure you'll like bomb seeds after this.

  7. Thanks man the sprout has 2 sets of main leaves already I'm pretty stoked more pics to come!
  8. So today is day 9 for my

    Berry bomb grow lookin good!

  9. Looks good man,

    I just received my seeds today so I'm stoked.

    Do you have a pic of your lights and reflector?

    I'm having a problem deciding on what light to use... How are the CFL's working for you? would you recommend them?


  10. cool im subbed. i wanted that seed last year but got something else. looking good
  11. My cfl setup I like alot. Saved 100s of dollars building it myself with a power brick and three plugs that have a female thread for bulbs. in my opinion it works well but I only need it for one plant at the moment, making it thrive I'm not sure how multiple plants would do under it
  12. subbed. Never smoked berry bomb before. Hope it turns out well.
  13. nice start man! im thinkin abt growing bomb seeds big bomb this year outdoors. any1 ever grew it?
  14. Talk to him perhaps good luck!
  15. WaGreenGuru how was the big bomb outdoors? food lover? grow with indica/sativa traits? yield? final product, ext. ?

  16. Subbed and looking forward to the grow. I've had some growing experience with Bomb seeds in the past. I'll be here to offer any help i can along the way!

    Pics are looking healthy at the moment though. Good luck:)

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