Bomb it.

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  1. Where my taggers at? I wanna see your art. How'd you get into bombing?

    Also, is there anything one can do to learn how to tag before attempting it out on the streets? Tips/pointers?
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    1. It's not called 'tagging'
    2. Don't do it in the suburbs.
  3. Start sketching, or grab a pen and go crazy. i used my old bedroom walls.
  4. Start with a hand style and look up famous writers, maybe even watch a documentary. thats what i did.

  5. what up your ass :smoke:
  6. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and let your brain flow through your hand to the paper.

    It doesnt come naturally to everbody,but whatever the hell you put down is still art,and is still original and is still sick.
  7. Taggers?

    It's Graff Writers . . . . . .

    Watch Style Wars

    Watch WildStyle

    Watch Piece by Piece

    Watch Infamy

    Read Subway Art

    Read Aerosol Art

    Read Hip Hop Files

    .... Once you have done that come back and see if you have any questions.

    PS: Don't go hitting up the streets anytime soon, don't even think about it - it's not worth it. Stick to the sketchbooks and dry-erase boards/steam tags for the moment (a couple years)..... Trust me, I'm doing you a favor.

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