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Bomb ass hash

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. just got some bomb hash, shits imported from europe. $50 a gram normally i got hooked up for $30 though cause i let dude crash at my pad for the night..........................................................................................
  2. dude a gram of hash was selling for 50 bucks?

    fuck, thats us currency too..

    remind me never to move to cali
  3. yeah hash is crazy expensive, im talkin bout the good shit though not the shit that crumbles the shit that gets all gooey and shit when you light it up. Hash isnt somethin id buy too often but every now and then its nice to treat myself to some hash, a gram of the type of hash i got could easily last me a week. It only takes one hit to get completly fucked up. But yeah i hear ya $50 for a gram is too expensive, ive been sayin that for yrs, thats just how it goes though.
  4. $50 for A GRAM of hash????

    i pay £10 for and 1/8 (3.5 grams) of hash!!! sure, it's dirt hash, but it's far cleaner than soapbar.

    the most expensive hash i've bought is Jungle Charas which is £30 an 1/8. GOOOOOOOOOD HASH!!!!!

    i really hope it was worth the $50 man!! happy toking :D
  5. well it just depends on what kinda budget you got. I personally dont buy hash that often simply cause its too expensive but if you got the extra cash then i think its defintally worth it. Half a gram will easily get bout 4 people baked off their asses , add some brews to that and your having yourself a good night.
  6. OMG $50! Thats crazy i get 1/8 for £5 standard and your getting a gram for $50 that is to steep i would neva get it man theres just no point.
  7. hash can just be silly though... proper nice blonde morroccan pollen-y stuff you can get maybe 30 Js from an eighth - obviously not stupidly strong ones, but stronger than skunk and tasting of hash.

    generally i *won't* pay less than £25 for an eighth of hash - otherwise it will be fucking horrible. buy skunk instead!

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