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  1. I don't own a juicer but am very aware of the many benefits of juicing so I started drinking bolthouse and Naked nutritional smoothies.

    My question is this, do they actually have any nutritional benefits? I know they are flash-pasteurized so wouldn't that kill most of the essential nutrients?

    Ive heard mixed reviews on the benefits of these drink.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

  2. Heat tends to kill the enzymes mostly, but only some of the vitamins, and doesnt effect minerals at all. Theres definitely going to be a lot of nutrition in those high quality 100% squeezed juices even though theyre flash pastuerized. Adwalla is the best i think. Analyze the labels and youll see. But obviously not as fresh, or raw as home juicing. Still, they shit all over the entire non-refridgerated isles of so called "juice" which are basically glorified kool-aid at this point.
  3. Some of the Naked juices seem to be high in sugar if I'm not mistaken.

    I drink Bolthouse every now and then, though I get the protein-rich ones as post-workout shakes.
  4. Well to be honest, juicing IS the best option, as in fresh home made. I don't own a juicer personally but I do make strawberry, banana, cantaloupe smoothies for breakfast. I know I lose some nuts in the blender but I think I'll be ok. But like I said, get fresh fruit, whether locally farmers markets or regular store.
  5. Buy a juicer my friend. The health benefits are very high. And with naked charging $4 a bottle, you'll surely be saving money in the long run by buying your own fresh fruits and veggies. Plus if you do it yourself, you'll be saving yourself from putting all of those preservatives into your body

    BUT......get a blender. Not a juicer. The juicer takes all of the pulp out of your drink. Aka it takes out all the nutrients. Have fun, the combos are endless
  6. Get yourself one of these:


    The Magic Bullet is definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made.
    Makes eating fruit and vegetable smoothies a breeze.

    I never use to use a blender because cleaning it was a bitch, but the blender is the cup. So once you are done blending you just drink up, and once you are done drinking you just rinse it out.

    This will greatly increase your veggie/fruit intake.
  7. You don't need to buy a juicer. Buy a high powered blender and make shakes. Juicing is retarded, IMO. You're just throwing away fiber, and fiber is something that the western world doesn't get nearly enough of.

    Those Odwalla and Bolthouse juices are alright once in a while, but they're pretty high in sugars because they cram them full of fruits so they taste good to the widest variety of consumers possible.
  8. Thanks for the good info. Ive been told blenders are the way to go however that magicbullet above seems nice and convenient. I saw the infomercial for it and couldn't stop watching.

    I'll give my blender a shot and see what I can come up with.

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