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    Hi, new member here.

    Soil mix (sac~5gal):
    -2sac chicken manure compost
    -2sac mushroom compost
    -1sac fkg rich soil (fermented kitchen garbage composted into native peaty soil @ 1:2 ratio)
    -6pint local button mycelium brown rice flower cakes
    -2sac perlite
    -gallon hardwood shavings
    -gallon bokashi
    -gallon raw, uncharged biochar
    -2cup azomite
    -handful lime
    -1/4C BD500 &bd506
    Soil cooked for 2months
    -Led strips 35000 lm at full power 3000k 4000k. 6-2 GLR
    -three band UVa for 3 hours on 21 off. Centered ON to be mid day

    Plants are Querkle male x viper city og xiii female from seed, and monstercropped and tailored original amnesia by dinafem

    8" filter and fan

    1.5x2.5' cab

    Cheers and open to chatting since Im totally new here.
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  2. Plants are relatively mature at this point. I am waiting for them to get a bit bigger before flipping to flower. Maybe week. They are in smart pots and are elevated off the spill tray by wood shavings so the soil aerates from below as well.
    CIMG4735.JPG CIMG4736.JPG CIMG4737.JPG
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  3. Mods, can you move this to organic journals section please?
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  4. added 730nm and 660nm wavelengths. I snapped a photo of the entire light on with all wavelengths but in reality the red wavelengths are on only in the morning and evening. I will use them for 2 hours in sunrise and 2 hours in sunset for this week. Likely going to flower next week so i can plant some autoflowers in this cabinet. I have multiples of various mephisto strains. it will be interesting to see how they respond to different sun schedules.
  5. caught a peak of the cab while the girls are being put to sleep. The penetration of the 730nm 660nm seems fair. The 730nm radiation is hard to see. What you are seeing is mostly 660nm even though i have almost six times as much 730nm than 660nm. This was an accident on the distributors behalf. They sent me the wrong powered 660nm. Not too worried though.
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  6. new light schedule.
    12-12 : 3000k & 4000k
    3-21 : UVa 365nm, 380nm, 390nm & 660nm, 730nm
    1 hour sunrise/sunset : 660nm, 730nm
    UV CIMG4741.JPG
    deep/far red CIMG4742.JPG
  7. Hey MastaP i will be subbing your thread. Try and get some close up of the stem and internodes. Also what is bd500 and bokashi. Love your thinking with being more organic than chem. Are you following my thread?

    Peace out
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    Hey sweettrees, send me a link to your thread!

    Bokashi is basically solid, granular, compost activator. It's completely cultured with probiotic bacteria. I use a product called EM1 to culture Bokashi. I use spent coffee grinds, peat, and azomite as my substrate. In the link the suggest rice bran. Its versatile.

    EM Bokashi | EM Bokashi Recipe

    Biodynamic Preparation 500 - Cow Horn Manure

    Bd 500 is a biodynamics practice that must be performed on certain moons. I follow loosely. I used horse manure instead of cow. And stuffed it in a bamboo tube and buried over winter . the manure becomes a rich source of hummus that can be diluted and added to compost or mixed in soil to feed your microorganisms. I also used bd506, dandelion heads, again buried for a season. This is typically stuffed in an intestine or mesentary before burying for the season.

    Post pics in a few hours when lights come on.
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  9. I grew oyster and Shiitake mushrooms for about a year. I'm curious what "mycelium brown rice flower cakes" are?

    Also intrigued by your use of uncharged biochar. Why did you choose to use it in it's raw form?

    I'm not sure what fkg rich soil is either? If you could edit your first post and give us the % of each material in your soil mix that would be nice.

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    Brf cakes of a local edible mushroom strain similar to white button. The biochar is just a future home for runoff to soak in and become filled with microbes. I know from some farming experience how much I can add to the soil for aeration. Ill edit the OP, one sec. Done.
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    im loving the node spacing on the monster crop, certainly a superior plant shape. To be moer specific on the shape, i took a clone of the amnesia mid flower, after it grew out about 12 inches with lots of side branches, i topped it down to one or two branches, these then grew into very nice, woodey tops and still is producing enough lower growth to clone. I would like to get this same shape again so i will clone with flowers once more, but for both plants. 10/10 of the last seeds i grew from the plant on the left were female so i am fairly confident the sex is still femmed somehow or that the female trait is just dominant from inbreeding artificially turned fems to males.

    I assembled this clone space today with a 100w epistar light powered to 12w and fanned. Exhaust is carbon filtered since ill be cloning flowers. Pretty good use of space eh? CIMG4755.JPG CIMG4757.JPG CIMG4758.JPG
    The original amnesia monstercrop:

    querkle male X viper city og xiii femmed

    if anyone would like to have an early shot at their gender identifying game, go for it! Winners get a free Agreed poke.
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  12. lights on full blast:
    154lm/W*230W=35,420lm, 3000k/4000k

    CIMG4764.JPG CIMG4762.JPG CIMG4763.JPG
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    it's a girl, pics tough to focus on such small parts but ill post as soon as its more obvious
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    I have a few hairs from the monstercrop that are turned orange already. Few, but there. They are located mid plant. Would this likely be pollination? I did a chuck in a different grow tent a year ago. Im not sure the temps but id guess mid 80s. I sprayed the walls with water just in case.
  15. sleeping
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  16. Dimmed the lights back. I notice some hot spots in the canopy of the amnesia. Ill boost them back up soon and dim the UV and red, maybe next watering.
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    Right on. I kept it brief. Less than a minute of pic taking. And pretty close to the On time. Thanks for jjoining in! Im excited to see this through

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