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Boise Trees That'll Make U Freeze

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Chron1k, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. So got some more dank... haven't asked for any strain names lately... 150$ half oz.

    This bud really crackles when u set fire to a bowl... prolly from all them hairs :hello::smoking:

    I could blow this smoke for a long time... its real good.

    HOLLA! :smoking:

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  2. Looks dank as fuck. Nice pickup. And the price makes me jealous, I'm paying $200 for a half.
  3. not saying thats its sprayed cause it really doesnt look like it. however when it crackles a lot it could be.

    dank looking buds though
  4. #4 Chron1k, Jun 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 10, 2009
    Where you from?

    Im left with a bowl of just the orange hairs (no greens) at the bottom of these half ounces... and its awesome. I remember reading a thread with harvested hairs...
    (see harvested hairs roughly 3/4 of the way down the page)

    I think it is the hairs and trich's all going up in flames that makes the crackling to be completely honest... im always too stoned to notice, its interesting, but fuckin cool nonetheless. :smoking: :happy:
  5. yeh dont buy into that stupidity of shit being sprayed on it......

    it def crackles cause of the hairs hahah :wave::smoking:
  6. thats pretty crip but damn, weed is cheap in santa cruz! 150$ a half ounce! here in SC its normally 120$ a half ounce.
  7. looks really great. Congrats.

  8. obviously... Idaho budd seems to be taxed a bit because it usually comes from CALI or OREGON...
  9. Looks like some fire, and it's a good price too.
  10. Got s'more. :smoking::hello:

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  11. the cannabis club in santa cruz is hella expencive.
    but the beach bum hippies got some dank! lol
  12. so they want you to think.
    hella out of state dealers bullshit their folks.
    real northern cali weed will get you STONED out of your head. in 2 hits.
    even the most experienced smokers will get high off just a few drags.
    right now the biggest strains out here are
    bubba kush, og kush, blackberry kush, san francisco og kush,
    strawberry kush, cherrypie kush, great grand daddy purple, grape ape, gods gift,
    sour diesel (the REAL sour diesel boyyy) purple princess, afwreck, hash bud,super silver haze, blue dream.

    if half of you guys would come out to norcal you would see real bud.
    fuck what amsterdam got to say. we got the best shit in the whole planet. come try it!!
    fuck the bullshit . we dont needa brag. we prove it with the best.
  13. Are you visiting No. Arizona any time soon?:confused:
  14. Damn dude, those are some nice looking pickups! The price makes me drool too. I'm paying $170 for a 1/2 of mids. You're making me jealous as hell!!
  15. Fuck I've been paying $110 for a quarter that looked that good in Boise, sounds like I'm getting raped, either that or you just got the best fucking hookup in town.
  16. Yeah, where I'm from, a quarter usually costs 100-110 for dank bud.
  17. ... its no bullshit... idaho gets heady nuggs... its not like we grow it here... Marijuana cultivation is worse than rape in idaho. So yes... i do think it comes from elsewhere...

  18. 90-100$ all day for a quarter of this chron.
  19. Ya that stuff I was talking about comes in from calie sure as shit.
  20. Wish I could get that shit

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