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Boise Crystally Chronics [MACROS]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Chron1k, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Yo, check out these buds i recently picked up. Really really good. Boise baby!

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  2. Looks very nice +rep what kinda cameras do you guys use so you can get those way way upclose macro shots :confused: I can only get a pic of the whole nug in macro

  3. Dude, key is lighting... Make sure you have lots of light for macro shots. I am currently using a 150-200$ Canon Powershot SD1100. I love the camera. It's cheap, takes fantastic shots and has lots of extra settings.

    I just recently learned that the viewing screen on my camera will be a bit more blurry than the macro shot itself... So today, i just started taking shots that appeared to be blurry on the cam's viewing screen, although, the finished look after uploading was crystal clear. Way good quality as you can tell.
  4. Hella! Another Boise guy here!

    I love the weed we get here.
  5. that shit looks crazy!!
  6. damn,looks like some dank as buds. enjoy!
  7. ohhhh ok ty :D
  8. Great looking Bud!!! + ReP on the pics.
  9. feels good to smoke that
  10. Very nice pictures sir.

    Good to see idaho getting some dank potat- I mean weed.

  11. My negro.

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