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Boiling your roach's?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Scootersmoke, May 16, 2011.

  1. Okay so recently I was introduced to this whole "2nd gen" idea. Where you save all your roach's then when you have enough you crack em open and then smoke them and they apparantly get you higher. Well i did that and then after peeling al of my roach's i saw how many actual papers i had from my roach's were there. So i thought to myself theres probably some thc and all that good stuff stuck on the paper. So i took an empty tea bag and fill it up with all those papers.

    Im going to try and make tea soon from it but i just wanna know what do you guys think?

    Im not sure if it wiill work or not but its worth a try. Ill post my findings in here later
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  2. Probably won't work, and will probably taste like complete and utter shit.
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  3. Idgaf about taste, if it gets me high then im straight. why wpoiuldnt it work?
  4. This isn't healthy, and hell I dont even know if it contributes to the high, but i take the innermost paper from the roach (the paper thats litterally brown and will stick to anything) and i take that and rip it into tiny pieces and mix it with the bud.
  5. There are neglible amounts of resin on paper, and neglible amounts of usable cannabinoids in resin to begin with. If you experience anything it will probably be placebo.
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  6. My ass there are negligible amounts of cannabinoids in resin. I have hit resin in the past that got me more blazed than a bowl of straight fire!
  7. This shit just grosses me out. I toss my roaches fuck that.
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    It's great. Just make sure to rinse your roaches off really well before boiling them - it's only the ash that tastes bad. The resin is delicious. Throw a tablespoon of honey in your mug with some milk or cream and you got yourself a power-up.

    I do it just by popping 10-12 roaches into 40oz hot water. You could boil it to get the THC into the water quicker but, if you're patient, carrying it around in hot water does a pleasant job of extracting most everything. If you boil it, I suggest just binging the water to a light boil then remove from heat and let the tea steep for 10-20 minutes.

    The papers are actually an enjoyable experience, too when they wander in; Hardly noticeable - like a little wisp. No meed to worry about one of those roaches crawling down your throat because they are heavy enough to sit at the bottom of your vessel.

    It might be nice to use an enclosed tea-ball which you could steep roaches so you wouldn't need to worry about missed ash chunks getting in your tea.

    With 10-12 roaches it is a powerful high, very enjoyable. If you don't smoke often, you may enjoy nine or ten roaches. It surprised me how high I got - it really builds up.

    I just put my 12 roaches into my 40oz water bottle and walked around for a few hours. Coming home now, I'm mildly blitzed. It feels really good in the muscles when doing it this way - a serious recommendation to anyone experiencing pain, emotional or physical.

    For emotional pain, specifically, or if you're hoping for an energy/brightening boost, try five roaches.

    I was surprised no-one seemed to have tried this or had any advice for OP. From my experience, this is seriously something to look forward to if you collect your roaches. Just remember you need to rinse them off, first.
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  9. OP is 10 years old, that's also grim & you are aware THC doesn't stick to water.. you need something with fat/oil in order for it to work :laughing: you also need to decarb you weed for it to work..

    Here's what it says from a basic Google search on if THC can bind with water

    "you need to have some sort of binding agent because thc is fat soluable and won’t bind with water, cup of half and half or coconut or butter you can get real creative."

    So overall you're drinking a nasty ass roach water which doesn't get you high in anyway. Just make real edibles or smoke your roaches lol
  10. tenor (82).gif tenor (83).gif
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  11. C'mon Man! This shit is fucking gross.
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    lol well it worked for me. Also, I'm not suggesting it is better than cannabis tea or a properly extracted recipe, I'm just suggesting it's worthwhile.
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