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  1. i know that you can boil your pipe to get the resin out but when you boil it does it make the water nasty and stink up the pot, just wonder cause i was going to try it and i dont want a stinky pot. :smoking:
  2. I boiled a pipe once and it didn't work too well to clean it out. There was still a lot of resin that was trapped under the bowl. I also heard that boiling pipes can cause them to break, but I'm not sure if it's true or not.
  3. if your cleaning your piece just go with rubbing alcohol and rock salt
  4. Here's the quick down low on boiling your glass. Yes you can do it without worrying about breakage. No you can't do it without stinking your house or apartment up. If smell is an issue forget about it because boiling a pipe will make your house smell of weed more than it ever has even if you hotbox in my opinion. Oh and about the breaking, people break their glass because they boiling water and drop the glass in. Or when they are done boiling, they just dump the water real fast exposing the glass to the open air. You have to keep in mind the extreme temperature change the glass has to endure. The best thing you can do is get room temp water, put the glass piece in, and THEN boil. Don't boil and then put the glass in. This is how you break your glass. Same thing when you are done boiling. Turn the heat off and let it sit for 15 minutes until the water cools, then dump it. Good luck.
  5. I dont agree... every time i boil my pipe in my house, the smell clears out wthin a few hours.... and to take care of the smelly resinous pot... use a wire brush.... one of those ones with the soap that gets time released out of the middle.... takes that nasty shit right off....
  6. The pot you use to boil it in will be covered with resin that's almost impossible to get out. I suggest buying some kitchen salt, pouring some inside your pipe, then pour rubbing alcohol in it and shake it for a really long time. Repeat until clean.
  7. I have ruined pots trying to do this, and it really doesn't work that well either.

    I just let my pipe soak in Isopropyl Alcohol for a day or two and then use pipe brushes or q-tips.
  8. I never have any problems with ruining pots, or breaking pipes. I use the same small pot, place a dishcloth on the bottom, put in my piece, add hot ass water, then boil for 15 minutes.

    Then you take a strainer with a hot dishcloth in the bottom, and slowly pour out the water, then let the piece slide righ onto that cloth (which should be as hot as the water itw as in, as all that water just poured onto it.)

    Just let it sit for 10 minutes to cool down and your good.

    (also i have tried putting salt in the water while it was boiling, because the water moves alot and i figure it might help nock some resin off, sofar it hasn't hurt any and i think it may be working, maybe)

  9. I boiled my pipe last night. I've been doing it for two years. It's ruined the pan, some, because I'm lazy and I don't want to scrub it. So, I have a designated pipe boiling pot.

    I wouldn't suggest doing it if you live in a complex. I live in a two story house and it reeked up the whole place.

    :) Good luck!
  10. I've heard that if you let your pipes bathe in acetone for a while the ashes and all that goes away easily. :) Good luck.
  11. We boiled a spoon, 2 stems from our bongs and 2 one hitters. We got a NICE amount of resin out of it. We've done it before and nothing has ever happened. It DID put a ring-around-the-pot on the one we used though. Other than that, the house was smelling for only a few hours. It works well.

    We also put the oven on 200F and let the resin sit in there to dry out a little. We were high off what we had for about 4 hours. (no not one session, many sessions).
  12. DUDES!!! i've been reading this kinda shit for like, an hour, and i was going to boil it, but decided to go with rubbing alcohol (like, 2 bucks for 16 oz) anyways, i was contemplating which pan/pot to boil it in earlier, and it just struck me how to avoid gross smelly pots/pans:

    Boil your bowl in a can, man!

    It all makes perfect sense now, like an good epiphany should. keep a spare can around, big enough to fit your piece into and throw the fucker away when you're done!

    I would still like to have confirmed whether or not boiling glass makes your piece weaker, or brittle. That's what i've heard, but i've never boiled glass before. lemme know how it works out. good luck, keepa' smokin', and don't fuck up, and break your favorite piece.
  13. Salt & Alcohol.
  14. The pot will smell until you clean it your house will also smell so becareful if your trying to be low profile.
  15. Zip lock bag, some alcohol, a few tablespoons of salt, and shake vigorously for a few minutes. Rinse and repeat, and afterwards, let your bowl soak in water for a day or two and it's brand new.
  16. you can buy this stuff called solution 420 at our local head shop that cleans it out soo nicely, just pour a little in, swish and wala perfectly clean piece
  17. to summarize the next one: use plastic/disposable containers if you're going to clean a glass piece using liquids, unless you like doing dishes that smell worse than dirty vagina, i, personally, would rather not. if you do, then by all means, use the container you drink/eat/cook with and have fun scrubbin'
  18. well, thanks for the ideas, i'm gonna go clean my piece. peace..
  19. it works better with pipes than bubblers, my pipe got 90% clean my bubbler like about 50%

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