Boiling water for growing purpose's

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dirtystall, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. hey people, i had a friend who was growing, sorta a group effort, anyway his PH was all wack and alot of plants got burnt because of his water source(some stream in his backyard) so we boiled water and that worked ok. any comments

  2. Yeah, that works fine. It's basically the same as distilled water...which you can buy from the store for like a dollar and some change.
  3. Did you boil water from the stream or boil tap water?

    Did you capture the steam from the boil or just use the boiled water (after it cooled of course)?

    No experience with this, but...I would not think that boiling water should neutralize pH, the only thing that leaves boiled water is pure H2O as steam. That's what distilled water is, condensed steam, leaving behind any chemicals and impurities in the source that was boiled. I don't think the heat of boiling would chemically change an acidic element to more alkaline or vice versa. So if anything, I would think that boiling acidic water might make it even more acidic or boiling alkaline water might make it even more alkaline (because with less water but the same amount of trace elements they would be more concentrated).
  4. we boiled his house water in a pot with no lid, would using distilled water be an excuse to not check PH if you know your soil is good, or organic or something
  5. Eh, I would still check PH just to be safe.
  6. You should also let water sit for a while so that the chlorine can everaporate.
  7. Distilled water should be pH neutral, but just still check it as Pewpil suggests.

    No need to let distilled sit out, it shouldn't have chlorine in it.

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