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Boiling Glass piece??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hoverboard08, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hey all,
    i was just wondering if I could boil my small "chunky egg" piece that I got not too long ago, just to get the smell of resin out and other stuff, that makes the flavor of the weed taste a little funky.I was thinking about it but I wanna be sure so I dont mess up anything on it. Let me know.
    Thanks :]
  2. No, don't boil any glass pieces. It's bad for the glass.
    Just get some isopropyl alcohol.
    Put the piece in a ziploc baggie with iso and salt, and let it sit. Shake it for a bit and it should clean it after 30 minutes.
    If it doesn't, rinse the pipe and put it back in the bag.
  3. ohai thanks for the quick response lol didnt expect it at 6AM. will do thanks man.
  4. Don't boil glass unless you absolutely can't get iso/salt and are desperate. It doesn't clean nearly as well and you risk breaking the glass.
  5. there is this shit called grunge off its fuckin expensive like 15 for a small bottle but the shit seriously cleans resin and glass amazing! and its reusuable so you just pour out your bong back into the bottle. that stuff takes out odor smell and it polishes
  6. don't boil it but if you do be sure to take it off the heat with the pipe still in the water and let it cool until its at room temperature. whatever you do don't take the pipe out of the boiling water and stick it in cool water, it'll crack your peice.
  7. I broke a piece doing that when I was like 15, learned my lesson, just use alcohol and soak it overnight.
  8. Don't boil your pipe, but not for the reasons listed above.

    Here are some reasons not to boil your pipe:
    takes too long
    gets junky resin all over your pot (the one you boiled it in)
    gets junky resin all over the outside of your pipe

    Boiling a pipe won't hurt it if it's made out of quality glass like pyrex. Cheap glass will break if you boil it. Who needs a cheap glass pipe?
  9. Boiling glass will weaken it even if it doesn't break.

    Get a gallon size ziplock and fill the bottom inch or two with ISO alcohol. Pour in 2-3 tbs of salt and drop your peice in. Zip it up.

    Hold the bag from the top with your left hand, and the peice with your right hand. Shake the peice back and forth really fast and it'll clean it really well. Wrinse and repeat.
  10. Not to knok anyones answere but Acitone works the best no residew and it evaporates quicker and only takes a few seconds. You can use Isoprop but it stinks for a while. Acitone is used for painting and cleaning ANY dried paint. Your cleaning an oil based resin so keep that in mind.

    I have Isopropyl (Rubbing Alcohole) but I use that to wipe unwanted slobber and friends with colds germs off.
  11. I boiled my Roor bowl ( which had a very small fracture in it) now the break it huge because I boiled it. So I wouldn't advise doing it.
  12. What about a metal bowl like mine? BTW it comes completely apart.
  13. you might as well take a blow torch to it :p

  14. There is absolutely no truth to this statement. Do you know what the melting point of glass is? It's way higher than 212'f. Cheap glass has components that don't expand or contract well, like impurities, that's why it breaks when you change the temperature rapidly. Pyrex is specifically designed to go from freezer to oven. There is no worry if you have a pipe made out of decent glass.

    A crack in glass will continue to spread. Think about it. Why did you boil it, do see whether it would break or not? Roor bowls are so small and simple that you should be able to clean it in 1 min under some hot water with a qtip and some alcohol.

    Also check to see whether your pipe is made of borosilicate glass glass&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi
  15. So is it possible to boil a piece, my dad boiled a chillum he find it was just fine ant very very clean
  16. I know people who boil their spoons.

    Personally I'd only do it if I found the piece and had no idea what was smoked in it prior to my use.

    I'd imagine over time it could weaken the glass...
    Ill stick to good ole alcohol and salt.

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