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Boil pipe then drink the water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SmokinBroccoli, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Here's my dilemma. All my bud from 4/20 is gone and my dealer went with his girl out of town for a few days, so I'm stuck with no bud and a pipe full of resin. I recalled reading a post on here one time (although when I searched for it I couldn't find it) talking about boiling a pipe and then drinking the water to ingest all the THC.

    I've boiled my pipe before, and even though the water doesn't look at all appetizing, boiling should kill off all the germs and bacteria that may exist in the water, making it drinkable. Has anyone tried this before? What was the result? Did you get baked off your ass? Did you get sick?

    If you believe this isn't a feasible option, do you have any additional suggestions this you find more feasible? My pipe isn't very big at all, so maximum resin extraction is important. I've tried scraping in the past, but I'm trying to avoid that avenue because it yielded very little resin for me to smoke.

    Thanks for the help.

  2. You can boil the pipe, extract the resin, and wait for it to dry, then smoke it.

    You have to heat thc to a higher temperature then water boiling for it to become active, I believe.
  3. id find a better way to do it.. you'll end up puking. Thats some nasty shit haha
  4. weed isn't water soluble
  5. thc is fat soluble not water soluble so no it wont work but you can boil it and then poor the water through a coffee filter and then use a q-tip to get anything left in pipe after that scrape the q-tip then smoke all the resin that you collect off the filter and q-tip. So far this is best method i've found to keep resin.
  6. Even if yu drink the resin, I dont know if it will you get high from it. If you boil it, the rest of the thc will be releaced and as they said, it isnt water soluble. So I highly doubt it. Better off smoking it, though I reccomend against it.
  7. Update: Well I decided to scrape my piece out first with one bent and one straight paperclip. Then I went to the drug store about bought some 91% rubbing alcohol and soaked the entire piece for a good 30 minutes or so. I seperated my piece from the nasty resin alcohol soultion and proceeded to finsh scraping out the piece. While I was waiting for the alcohol soultion to evaporate, I smoked the resin that I scraped from my piece.

    AND WOW AM I RIPPED! The resin gets you more baked than I anticipated. Great high if you can tolerate the awful taste. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Going to wait for the alcohol soultion to evaporate, scrape that resin, and blaze in a few hours after I come back from an enjoyable walk. Thanks for the suggestions on my first post everyone! And remember,

    Keep SmokinBroccoli
  8. first, you dont need to "activeate" thc. thats a rumor, and there are reason for it, but eating raw nugs will get you high, just it wont be efficant, and there are reason for that, but its not cause its not active

    anyways, yes if you boiled you pipe so there was resin floating around in it then drank the water with resin chunks, if you had enough i think youd get high, but if you just boiled it to the point where the resin was loose, but basically it was just water, then no, you wouldnt get high. either way dont drink that water its nast dude.
  9. fractal, how about you bring a half ounce of the best bud to my house. i will eat those "raw nugs" and if my eyes turn red at all or i show any signs of being baked i will give you my ford explorer. if not, i will laugh in your face because you just lost a half o.
  10. ok, ill be pimpin a new ride man. thc is thc is doesnt need to be "activated" which, if something does need to be "activied" means that it changes into something else.

    if you eat a raw half o you will be baked.

    its much better to cook it so the thc can disperse into whatever fatty thing you made it in.

    where as in the stomach it takes a while because your stomach has to break it up first

    ok ok, if thc has to be heated first to work, then why does putting nugs in some alc, letting it sit for a while, then drinking it get you high??? i win
  11. thc is also soluble in alchol
  12. you will probably feel very high from it, but drinking a bunch of liquor after eating the nugs would greatly increase the effect.

    someone get on this for a free car.
  13. You smoke too much.

    Thats all I'ma say.
  14. Where is the factual information that you get high off eating non heated cannabinoids?

    What's the reason, you correct me but you provide no information backing it up?

  15. Bro no ofence but if you eat a half O of good bud you'l sleep for a day.If you don't get plain fucked up on a half O then that weed [SIZE=-1]Wasn't [/SIZE] worth shit.Though instead of eating it raw id simmer it in butter and then use the butter to make rice crispy treats.:p
  16. the fact that if you do an alc. extraction and drink it you get high

    /that its basically common knowledge for people who know things about weed
  17. your basically drinking bong water....

    thats all i have to say
  18. (in response to Fractal's "why do thc extractions with alcohol work")

    No shit it's alcohol soluble, he never argued that. He was referring to the fact that in mixing weed and alcohol there is no HEATING ELEMENT, aka no heat... aka no "activation heat"... that's what he was getting at matey.
    jus my 2 cents.
  19. Write up a contract, and get that pinkslip ready cause I'm on my way

    The only thing I'm thinking about the water is if there was still resin in it you should be able to boil off all the water and if theres anything left it will be on the bottom of the pan to scrape. I probably wouldn't have ISO'd it before scraping it, though.
  20. You guys are pretty funny talking about eating the weed! Anyway, round 2 is about to go down. Yesterday I smoked what I was able to scrape. Today, finally after about 12 hours, the alcohol that I was soaking my piece in has all evaporated and at the bottom of my bowl is a bunch of resin. This stuff is really gooey compared to the resin from yesterday, but I'm about to light it up since my dealer still isn't back in town. And remember,

    Keep SmokinBroccoli

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