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Boil off THC

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ReturnFire333, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Anyone have any idea how long I would have to put my weed in the oven to boil off the THC so that I do not get high at all when I smoke it? Also do not want to boil off any of the flavors, just get the THC out of there. THC boils at 315 Fahrenheit btw.
    Reason for wanting to remove THC is to avoid unwanted anxiety/paranoia/hallucinatory effects.

  2. Why do you want to smoke and not get high? Either go for a high CBD strain and low THC one or just stop smoking
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    Now that this response is out of the way, real replies please.
  4. This has to be a joke right?Sent from my ADR6350 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Your question is a joke, you wont be able to "boil off" THC in the oven, it'll be like smoking burnt toast. Any real topics please?
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    Word up so whenever people make marijuana edibles they produce burnt black edibles similar to nasty burnt toast, never knew that.
    People might put it in the oven to decarb the THCA into THC which can easily bind with fat, that's because they have no intention of smoking it afterwards and it's not for an extended amount of time like it would take to destroy allTHC completely.
    And people bake it into butter, they don't put it in the oven for 2 hours then sprinkle it on their chicken.
    I'm telling you, either find or grow a low THC/High CDB strain or goodluck smoking dust.
    Would it really take 2 hours to boil off the THC? I was thinking 30 minutes.
  9. If you know someone with a vape, talk them out of their ABV in exchange for your THC laiden bud and presto you have what you want. Very low THC ratio to  CDB. You also need to know that the smell and taste boil off at around 190 deg F so as was said before it will taste like shit, some people discribe it as "burnt popcorn".
    Please tell us why you want to smoke weed and not get high.
    Re read the original post.
  13. Considering that water boils at 212F, and that many other constituents to the cannabis plant degrade or burn or oxidize at temps below 315, you are going to vastly alter its flavor, its look, its feel, how it smokes.
    It will become a brown, dry, useless pile of plant material
    Fractional distillation is used to essentially boil off one component of a substance at a time, it requires VERY precise heating elements, to a tenth or hundredth of a degree, for example, THC evaporates at 314.6F, not 315F. 
    Now, most ovens are highly inaccurate on that scale, let alone some can sway within 5-10 degrees plus or minus the "set" temp, if you set it to 315, and it hits 320, you are now evaporating CBD....
    you arent going to just boil off the thc lol, id suggest lower doses over anything....  you are likely just going to ruin it trying to do that, since the plant material wont react the same as if you just had a pure mixture of cannabinoids in there
  14. Why dont you smoke a different plant? Itll be much cheaper and you can make your own blends to fit whatever taste you want
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  15. This. Op you need to google the difference between sativa indicas etc. That uncomfortable feeling is an imbalance in thc to other canabinoids. As said before get a more cbd laiden strain (indica) and you should be more relaxed and couchlocked than paranoid.

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