Bohbo's Quasi NFT Querkle Queens

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    <NFT System Description>
    I built the Closed NFT System after reading Stinkfist's(I think that was author) Aero PDF somewhere. I committed the basics of the design to memory and decided to change a few things to fit my setup. Some of my concerns were this:

    1) 3 posts for my space not 2 or 4
    2) Modular
    3) Removable for Maint.
    4) Incline height
    5) Sprayer access
    6) 1/2" PVC inside post not elevated to ceiling.
    7) Post Length (72" I cut down to 68")

    Basic design is post with a Drill hole (sized for ez clone sprayers, originally I had sprayers). The water aerates partially from the ejection at the drill site and from the waterfall into the res.

    The first post I put together had a cap leak (caulking was dry and I didn't really notice till I was on 2nd post). I had a tiny leak 2 weeks into veg, so I made a replacement post and the transplant of 5 plants took about 10-15 minutes. Very quick (and thats with almost no room to work in the room.

    There are 3 posts of 5 sites each. The middle post is staggered so that each plant has approx 12"+ between any site.

    I removed the sprayers because I liked the water flow, the peace of mind, and I really wanted to go NFT (Always liked the idea and efficiency of the idea). (Holes face straight down). I was going to go full NFT after not liking the sprayers and was going to replace the pipes with open ends essentially like 10 big drill holes on ends. But decided to just give it a go without sprayers and liked when I saw, it was a comfortable medium between what I knew and what I wanted.

    I used one of the Yellow and black combat locker looking home depot storage bins (bought 2 ($7.99) extras for easy res change / dmg / extra tops)

    I covered the reservoir with Panda Film to help keep light out.


    (I am considering doing a DIY if the grow goes well so I want go into too much detail here, I will add a link to that DIY when/if it exists later)


    <Strain Info>

    Querkle again!
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    Here are the first 2 weeks of veg after transplant, they went in N deficient and PH on the res gave me a little trouble at first. I was pruning a good bit for the 7-10 days of veg. Left side takes a post change / plant rotation hit so they look pretty beat up about halfway through.

    [ame=""]NFT Querkle Veg ~3 Weeks on Vimeo[/ame]
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  5. On board Captain! [​IMG] AARGH! Take down those NFT non-believers!

    So you say no sprayers eh? I thought that was a big part of if? I am very interested in understanding how this system works. Like----

    How do you get water to the roots when first transplanted into the system?

    How tall did they get before you flipped the switch?

    Can you take a pic of the roots during different stages. Just wondering big the root mass gets.

    How tall does the system stand?
  6. I enjoyed your past grows , watching for sure , not too often you see a Thread under Construction. Preparation is key :devious:
  7. There we go , And we are underway with the first shots/time-lapse.:D
  8. Thanks for encouragement Hypeshot, I hope it have to going shortly here. My weekend plan is to finish off the first couple posts and have it ready for updates. Come next week sometime. I will probably flip lights today or tomorrow, do a res change once they show pistils and we will be off.

    I got my Nutradip TriMeter installed Thur, I really like having a continuous meter.
  9. Your last Querkles were beautiful! I just harvested 3 Querkles last month and I must say the smell and taste is incredible, however unfortunately mine didn't get nearly as purple as yours did. I probably should have flowered a bit longer as you had done. Can't wait to see how these turn out! Love the time laps by the way, what program are you using?
  10. Another Querkle grower awesome! I might even take these a bit longer in flower this time. Probably 9 weeks from flowering.

    I am really ashamed to say it but quicktime pro was the easiest / cheapest overall way. I get all the pics together in 1 folder (limitation of quicktime). Sort by date, highlight all, right click top one, rename, give it name like 2weeks (leave extension) then in quicktime file open image sequence. Set framefrate and pretty much it.
  11. Sup Boh! Just swingin' through big homie :D
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    Bohbo is at it again! i love those damn time lapse. *sub'd:hello:
  13. Well it's getting close to that time. I flipped the lights on Saturday, so I am looking at a start to flowering around the end of the month. So harvest time should be very end of July Beginning of August.

    I added a few more pics, I will keep editing the original posts and I will try and keep the Table of Contents up to date for easy navigation.
  14. Good to see things coming along big homie!
  15. Looking great bro!
  16. i want a time lapse camera... thats awesome
    happy harvest
  17. Pistils starting coming out Monday, Tuesday they are clearly visible. So it begins. I updated Time Lapse to show through Monday, check it out! So approx 24 days of time lapse. About 14 days of good strong growth after I worked the system out.
  18. Hey Bohbo! I gotta get caught up over here good buddy.
  19. Bohbo...dude...that video is awesome.
  20. Here is the first few days of flowering. Nothing special but this is the angle I want to have the flowering time lapse at.

    [ame=]Flower 3.5 Days on Vimeo[/ame]

    Canopy Shot





    Left side is C4 by Chimera Seeds Right side is XJ13 (G13xJack? Oaksterdam Clone) These are for next grow.


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