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  1. Man, dont you wish you didnt have a biody?? Like we are so limited dut to our bodies, itd be awesome if were some collective higher being or entitiy that was composed og love and thoughts and energy?

    Our bodys are just big sacks of weight.
  2. They're our organic machines though. Besides, what would we be without em? I like mine and it kind of reminds me of the independence day aliens. Not that I look like one or anything
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    Our bodies are amazing, almost magical how it works. I find it very fascinating.

    The mind and the body go hand in hand. What would be the purpose of thought if you did not have a body in which to convey those ideas?

    Whoa... I'm high. :)
  4. wouldnt it be awesome if we didnt have bodies though ma? We were all just beautiful brain love thoughts floating sfty across rainbows and poofy clouds hahahahaha!
  5. Even if you dont believe in near death experiences, the thousands of documented cases all talk about the absolute joy and euphoria of being separated from their body. the beyond and back show on a&e has some great accounts, its crazy to here the stories, but its pretty much what you are saying. the body is just a sack of weight that is prone to many ailments but once free from it, the feeling of being going back into the body is excruciating.
  6. We are too free to fit into these shells brothers!!!
  7. If you think of it as a shell it will remain a shell.
  8. shit man thats deep,

  9. You must be extremely high.
  10. oh man see itd be beaitifcul if we could coexist like that man. It really would be oooooooooooool
  11. I enjoy taking poops.
  12. It's only natural that we'll end up that way eventually.

    No where near any immediate future that the next ten generations will ever experience, but we'll be there.

  13. hahahaha awesome dude :p I've thought about this many many times before. Especially when you said that are bodies are just a big sack of weight :smoke: I think I've quote on quote said that to my friend once before.

    I've always imagined like wilddd looking energy orbs as us. Beautifully colored. Flying around anywhere we please in freedom and harmony. Being able to communicate though thoughts and what not. Nothing but happiness and love.
    I know...I'm baked :smoke:
  14. I can see how others might think that, but considering that i am build like greek god, i am happy with mine.
  15. I just finished smoking and this sounds about right.. :smoke::smoke:
  16. Nnnnaaaaaaaaannnnccccccyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
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