Body Rot Is The Plot (Osama Bin Laden Tune)

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    Body rot is the plot
    The navy seals shot
    And killed Bin Laden
    They popped him in his head
    Then Barack got up on the news
    Confirmed that he was dead.
    "Let us break bread"
    Not that he said
    But he implied
    I seen it in his eyes
    Burning red, full of deceitful pride
    And so I sit now and wonder why
    Is it the end of times?
    Look to the skies
    See the signs
    As the four horse-men
    Begin to ride.

    Bush and Bush
    And Clinton claimed
    That Hussien and his gang was fair game
    Now the middle named-Hussien is sayin’
    Kaddafi’s the same
    Kill anyone and anything
    Spreading freedom’s name
    And as long as God is on our side
    We can say it’s the American way.

    On the run, he was prey
    America's most-wanted
    A mansion, not a cave
    Was his hiding place
    On the first day of May
    The snake lay slain
    How about we take a drink, and celebrate
    Or we can take a break, and think
    Of who's next in line to blame

    Wrapped his body in clean white sheets
    We dumped his body way out at sea
    So we were told, and we believe
    And now we parade and dance the streets
    His followers’ hearts still beat
    Strong as our own
    Filled with hate, in place of relief.

    What you get is what you've got
    And so it goes and never seems to stop
    And get's lost and locked away
    For that which once came, but now is not
    In the end will come again another day
    You just watch the clock, you’ll see
    You don’t even have to believe
  2. Enjoyed reading and watching it..
  3. Props to you man
  4. much love to both of ya's
  5. open to commentary! :)
  6. Siick lyrics!
  7. flow is a little off, but i liked it, interesting lyrics, definitely good job though! :smoke:

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