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  1. hey artists corner, i saw the tattoo thread, posted in that, and noticed that there was none for body mods.

    im sure there are others out there like me who think they are art.

    so you got them? POST'EM

    1 1/2" lobes.



    im to lazy to look for pictures of my retired piercings and stuff, ill post later if anyone even plays along lol
  2. Currently, the only modification that I have in is my tongue piercing, which I've had for over three years.

    In the past, I've had my labret and the cartilige on my upper left ear pierced, but I've also pierced my knuckle several times at home, which has never lasted longer than a few days from the joint forcing it through the skin over time. I apprenticed under a local piercing shop for a few months in Chicago before moving out of state, so I have a lot of sterilized needles, bars, balls and clamps that I bought wholesale for a wide variety of piercings and I'll do anything but tongue and genital piercings. Not because I'm squeamish, but I simply don't have the experience with them to even risk it.

    Other than that, I've pierce my friends in some of the strangest places known to man! This is my buddy's knuckle about ten minutes after he pierced it himself. Little did he know that it would have taken me two seconds to pull all of my sterilized equipment out and done it for him... so he did it with a fucking safety pin.

  3. freaks imo
  4. That makes me squirm but its cool
  5. Great picture Durchii.

    Iam Matt how long did it take you to get your lobes that big. They look pretty big, i'd imagine its an accomplishment :smoke:

  6. lmao I love the cigarette in your bellybutton
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    My left ear used to be at the half inch mark... I've let it heal... But now it won't go any smaller than 00... Oh well.... hmm I'll have to post some pics of my eye brow, tongue and ear..... And I'll throw up some pics of my tattoos as well :p

    BTW... where can I see a close up of your sleeve, it looks like it has some real nice colour
  8. I have a tattoo. A pink bow on the bottom of my back. It sets off my ass nicely, but what was I thinking. I'm looking to get it extended.
  9. I have a maple leaf with the word "Freedom" below it on my left for arm.... and a pot leaf with the word "respect" below it on my right

    P.S. Damn, I'm really starting to get pissed at the atlantic for being in the way of me meeting such an awesome stoner :p
  10. Lmao shut your face :p I have a picture of my tattoo somewhere, I'll try and find it. I'm not sure if it's suitable for the forums though.
  11. right now i have snakebites and am in the process of stretching my ears. currently at 6ga.

    dont have pics on this comp ill try and get one later
  12. i have 7/8" gauges in both my ears, post a pic when i get one.
  13. Here are my 7/8" gauges. Took a while to get but i love em.
    ears 001.jpg
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    I've got 1" lobes, and and a full super mario sleeve aswell as some other work:D
  15. most of my mods are to my brain, via research chems

    thanks china!
  16. you almost look like johnny depp here.
  17. I've got snakebites (both lips pierced) and both nipple pierced. I plan on gauging my ears eventually.
  18. I have my nipples and ears done. Nipples hurt like a bitch for me. Felt like they were being torn off with pliers.

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