Body Modification in Equal Opportunity Employment

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  1. So I came across this page recently:
    Human Rights Petition: Include Body Modification in Equal Opportunity Employment |

    its basically a petition trying to get tattoos, piercings, etc on equal opportunity employment. Personally i dont understand why it isnt already on there.

    If you ask me its that same as disciminating for any other reason, its judging someone purely on looks, which doesnt have any affect on the persons qualifications for a job.

    If you have tattoos, or any type of body mods, you should consider to take a minute and sign this.

    what are your feelings on the subject?
  2. i have pearcings on my face and I never had a problem getting a job....even when I worked in professional fields.
  3. Signed.

    I think this is a good cause. Why should those with numerous tattoos or piercings or anything else have to worry about getting a job just because it doesn't agree with "company standards?" I don't give one fuck about you're lousy company, I just need a damn job!

  4. Not that I dont agree it shouldn't be discriminated against, I disagree that this is the same as discriminating for any other reason. Body modifications are clearly your own choice. If someone got turned down for being black at a job and someone got turned down for having a tattoo sleeve, you think that'd be the same thing? The black guys gonna turn to the tattoo'd guy and say quit crying haha.

    but ironically enough I do agree that body modifications shouldn't be something looked at when applying for a job. Unless you have to deal with customers, in that case its the jobs discretion really...
  5. As long as you don't look like reptile man or anything I do think it is messed up that employers don't like to hire people with simple lip/nose piercings or tattoo sleeve. It's ridiculous. Even at fast food or a simple grocery store. It's not like the customers genuinely care if their server doesn't look like clean cut joe.
  6. Religion is a choice, and you are protected from being discriminated against because of that. So yes, its definitely the same thing.
  7. I mean honestly, do you think day care's should be legally required to hire people with sleave tattoos? How about Disney? It's my choice to get tattoos, and their choice to not have tattoos visible to their customer base.

    Not to mention, all that would happen if this was passed, which it won't be, is businesses will have to edit their paper work. If they don't want to hire you, they WILL find a reason not to.

    If I get a tattoo that covers my entire face, I'm not getting a job working at a toy store, and I should get over that.
  8. [​IMG]

    I would be pissed if I owned a day care center and was forced you hire this guy. At least he's got a decent shirt though.
  9. Petitions won't change anything here in Nevada. We have relatively loose laws for employers.

    I don't have to give a reason for not hiring anyone, or for firing them.

  10. i realize that even if it was changed it probably wouldnt change much, emplyers already dont hire people because of reasons already on equal opportunity employment but still I think its a step in the right direction. And to the guy that posted the picture, thats sort of a different situation because for that type of job you need to hire someone who the kids will be comfortable around, so for that type of job it takes a certain kind of person anyways, Im mostly talking about jobs that dont even give you a chance just because you checked the box saying you have a tattoo.

    personally, I only have 2 tattoos as of right now, however i think i speak for everyone out there in saying that the pictures and words on my body dont have any direct correlation with my qualifications to do a job. as long as they are not offensive i dont see a problem.
  11. I know it is an extreme example, but I just wanted to point out that this shouldn't have to apply in all cases.
  12. Would you like this person serving you at hooters?


    Just posing a question.
  13. [quote name='"Elem3nt17"']Would you like this person serving you at hooters?

    Just posing a question.[/quote]

    I've saw some hella ugly girls working at Hooters, but not that bad
  14. I've never understood this equal opportunity nonsense. It should only apply to government positions. If I started a business on my own I should be able to hire and not hire whoever I want.
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    I still think that society has made enough progress to be able to hire someone with reasonably sized gauges, a sleeve of tattoos, or a nose/lip piercing in a professional position without issues. Or at the very least, most entry-minimum-wage jobs.

    I don't think anyone is arguing that you have to be forced to hire "lizard man" at your day-care center.

    I shouldn't be harassed by a manager daily working at a simple minimum-wage restaurant for wearing modestly sized gauges that looks like 30% of the people my age.
  16. Honestly, I really think it comes down to how you handle yourself.

    I have 00s in my ears, and have since 2006. I've never been turned down for any job I've applied to because of it. I now work for the CA state government

    While most places do have rules about "no facial piercings and visible tattoos" and whatever, they can't resist a charming, polite person with an excellent resume and a gleaming smile :D
  17. Well if you listened to him the first time, he wouldn't harass you daily. If I were him you would be written up the second time, fired the third.

    Personally I don't mind seeing people with gauges but if your boss has to ask you multiple times to do the same thing, you're fucking up. Doesn't matter if it's dress code, saying the wrong thing to a client/customer, or not submitting paperwork on time.

  18. nobodys gonna bitch about 00g ear piercings, my point of view on this whole situation is more for the people who have full tattoo sleeves, hand tattoos, neck tattoos, i just dont understand why if i decide i want my skin to be different colors and patterns as long as its nothing offensive why does that take away from my qualifications to a job?

    and to the guy that posted the pierced bitch for hooters, she wouldnt get hired, they hire based on looks, so i wouldnt have to wory about that, however i dont go to hooters anyways.

    last time i went, i ordered chicken wings, and the bitch said "how would you like those to be cooked?"

    needless to say i walked right outta that place when she said that:wave:
  19. You should know that getting these oh so cool body mods will affect your ability to get a job. At most places looking professional is a part of the job and most don't see that as looking nice.

    Where I work if you have body modifications you probably wouldn't get a call back after your interview unless they didn't notice. If you came to your first day of work with tattos, facial piercings, excessive ear piercings, or any type of body modifications they would tell you if it is not gone on your 2nd day of work you will be fired. They just hired a new guy that had dreads that he had been growing for 10+ years and they told him to cut it. He cut it about shoulder length the next day and they told him to cut it again, next day he came in with short hair lol
  20. And I'm proud to be an american, where at least I know I'm free.

    In my opinion, fuck equal opportunity employment. Company's should be able to hire whoever they want, for whatever reasons they want. Why? Because it's THEIR company. The government doesn't need to be controlling everything, they're trying to extend their reach more and more every day, seriously. And one day people are going to realize how dangerous it truly is, but by then it will be too late.

    And as others have said equal opportunity employment really doesn't do shit, employers can not hire you for whatever reason they want "I didn't like his resume" "He was rude during the interview" etc etc etc.

    Also just a question, if a racist manager actually was forced to hire a black person because of EOE, do you think that person is going to have a pleasant working experience? No, the manager/company whatever is going to make it as much hell as possible if they don't like you.

    Just my 2 cents

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