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  1. Post what Piercings, Tattoos, or whatever you have.

    I just have an industrial right now. I'm still deciding on my next one. The Industrial takes up so much of my upper ear.
  2. I used to have my left cartilige and labret pierced, but at the moment I only have my tongue bolt in.
  3. i have no pics but u have USMC in old english in my left shoulder, a tribal piece on my left tricept from the armpit to my elbow, a cross on my left thigh and a tribal half sleeve from my neck to my elbow on the right arm thats still in progress. then i got my eyebrow pierced and a diamond stud in my cartlage and an 8 guage bar in my tongue.
  4. A 12 in the left lobe and an abstract elephant face using the South African flag on my left shoulder blade.
  5. [​IMG] new orbital

    [​IMG] new daith
    oooolld picture, and I don't wear a ring anymore, but I pierced my labret as well


  6. jolly that star tat of the beach is sick, how much was it?
  7. 14g Snakebites (left and right side of lip), 14g tongue and I have the Alkaline Trio heart/skull on my right wrist. Lots more planned but I don't have the money at the moment.
  8. Thanks I drew that, and the tattoo artist made it much nicer lol The starfish cost me 180$ Which was cheaper than my angel Gabriel tattoo, which surprised me, because you can't really tell but there are like 12 colors in the starfish tattoo, the sand itself has 4. But yea, I love it, it was excellent work by probably one of the best tattoo artists I've seen
  9. I have two piercings in my left eyebrow, and two in my left ear lobe. I'm thinking of getting my lip done. And as soon as I can settle on something for at least a year, I want a tattoo.
  10. My septum is stretched to 0g, my tongue to 4g, my labret to 10g, both eyebrows pierced at 15g, single ear piercing, left ear, stretched to 5/8's of an inch.
  11. I have 24 piercings in all, including countless earings, monroe, labret, nose, two hip surface, nipples(which i abandoned today), clit hood, tung and brand new sternum surface. Lets do the old pics first.
    and the brand new ones!
    As for tattoo's, none as of now, but i want one of a fetus in a jar a with thought bubble that say's, "Aw shucks"

    There we go.
  12. ^ nice piercings, I've seen a few people with similar ones :)

    I actually thought about doing a surface piercing design on my wrist and stuff, but since the professions I'm looking into don't even like regular piercings I can't get them :(

    I've had to take out a bunch of piercings, I had one ear done all the way up, and I had snakebites too, oh well I've got 17 piercings right now, good enough for me lol
  13. ^^^ lemme guess, more freaks? ;)
  14. I have an endless knot on my left shoulder, for my next i want to get a dharmachakra on my right pec. No pics at the moment..
  15. This was my first one when I was 16:


    This was my second one:


    This was my third one (means Brother in greek):


    This is my fourth one (hurt like hell right around the nipple):


    And I have two others witch I do not have pics of yet- one on my wrist and one on my back, both are tribal designs.

    I also plan on getting the hiking symbol (Like in my old avatar) somewhere on my body in the near future.
  16. I've got my septum pierced and a tattoo on my leg made with a pen, guitar string, personal fan motor, and India Ink.
  17. I got My eyebrow, Bridge, Tounge, Industrial. My nipples. my libret and 2 tattoos. MY ears are also stretched to double 0 and i tried to stretch my nipples and that just hurts to much.

  18. Arnt they addicting?

    I have a friend who has her bridge... i think thats my next one.
  19. Here's some shots of my sleeve, not everything is included. On the back of my arm is a river leading to the city of "Dis", for those of you fimiliar with the Divine Comedy....hopefully I can get some shots of that if you'd like.

    This tattoo means the world to me in so many different ways, enjoy...

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  20. bridge is my all time favorite piercing it didn't hurt as much as i thought it would and the guy did without clamps (cocky fuck) lol It looks wicked and super hot on girls

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