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Body Highs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spencerstoned, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Ok so im new to smoking and my first real high i get this buzzing and numbness and the feeling i can breathe right but i can and to me its not pleasurable, maybe its just me or a normal body high everyone keeps telling me its a body high, my vision gets kinda weird too like my body is buzzing and haha just tell me if this is normal or not.
  2. its probably normal, sometimes i get like that and you just gotta relax and focus on the outside world. the breathing is probably a dry throat
  3. Ya i hope so :x but like haha i get stoned in like 2 hits and i feel like that dank weed ?
  4. what are you smoking out of? two milky bong rips and I can be toasted
  5. 2 hits of dank will get me high. Not for long, but I'll definitely be high.

    Also is it like a slight pressure on your chest?
  6. I use to be like that when I was a new toker it gets better with time I used to get crazy panic attacks and it felt like I couldn't breathe but the more you smoke the more you will enjoy it try drinking something all the time and it helps if your outside the air is so much cleaner and don't think about breathing think about other stuff watch youtube videos and shit :hello:
  7. Sounds like you're really high. I used to get panic attacks, too, deep breathing really does help. Google "meditation deep breathing" without the quotes. And the body high is really pleasurable for me, feels like tingles all up your legs and body, reminds me of when I was really into opiates.
  8. 1. Im smoking out of a pipe
    2. ya i get pressure in my chest and throat
    3. sometimes it gets the point when im freaking out and thinking im going to stop smoking
  9. I get the same slight pressure feeling occasionally too. I just started smoking daily 2 weeks ago and am curious to know what it is. But for me the feeling fades as my THC Tolerance grows.

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