Body Dragged for 20 Miles on NYC Highways

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  1. A man crossing a busy New York street Wednesday was plowed over by an SUV, trapped underneath a van and dragged nearly 20 miles. All the victims cloths were sheared off.

    Body Dragged for 20 Miles on NYC Highways


  2. shittttt i'm in nyc

    that would SUCK
  3. I seriously don't understand. How the fuck do you not know that you just ran somebody over, and then that you're dragging them...for 20 FUCKING MILES?!

    Fucking Christ. I hope whoever was driving that bitch gets their ass handed to them. For real.

    So much needless pain. Ugh
  4. That's fucking gross. How the hell would you not feel the resistance of the body on the pavement is beyond me though.
  5. gotta be one of the worst ways to die
  6. Damn,what a way to go.I would probably rather be burrned alive.This is very sad new's,I give hii family high hope's and well being.Remember this folk's,it ain't the dead you gotta worry about.Ofcourse I don't mean don't have sorro(spelling?)for him or shed tear;s but life goes on.It will take a long time to heal and even when you do heal you will have a hole.

    Burning a bowl for the ones involved and for the man,much love.This only remind's me how special life is.I have bad pain and hurt everyday but I cherish the moment's on this world while I am here.Sure I may get mad or ponder suicide but that clearly isnt going to solve any of my problem's and will only make more.
  7. How goddamn stupid do you have to be to not realize you're dragging a corpse? Jesus, what an absolute fukcing moron. That guy should be executed for sheer stupidity.
  8. that sounds horrid

    how did the dude not notice
  9. christ.. no comment..
  10. I'm kinda high but it sorta sounds like something the mob would do to someone to get information out of them, but they never give up the information so they end up dying down there.
  11. [quote name='MandalaSmoker']I would probably rather be burrned alive.quote]

    ^ I dont think you would rather be burned alive. THAT IS THE WORST WAY TO DIE
  12. How exactly do you know this.Reincarnated?

    I wonder what would be the worst.Dropping from an airplane?Burning?Drowning?Probably depends on the person.If I had to choose I would say just blow me the fuck up.Quick and easy,preferably while doing multiple drug's ofcourse:smoke:
  13. Because when people are being burned to death they scream for a long time before dying. All your skin melts off. Can you even imagine being on fire for 3 minutes?! :(
  14. To some that may not seem as bad as drowning,that is what I was trying to get at.

    Smoking some dank for Family and dude right now.
  15. i second that:smoke:
  16. Can you imagine being dragged for 20?
  17. What the fuck?I didnt even post that,yet it said I was the original poster?No I couldnt imagine being dragged that far though.That's why I DID say I would probably be burned alive.
  18. What i believe the worst way is.

    The brazen Bull, I saw it on Discovery channels "machines of malice" i think it was.

    From what I gathered it was a bull made from some sort of copper, with a trumpet like contraption going to the mouth from the inside, any noise made inside the bull will be transferred to "MOO"

    They would open up the hollow bull, put the person in, light a good fire underneath The people in there stayed alive for a good hour or so, shouting, all that is heard outside is the noise of a bull.

    Now imagine that, in a metal trap, no air, no clothes and the metal is heating up to extreme temperatures, thus melting your skin, very slowly.

  19. Neither people are charged that hit the guy.

    It took 20 miles before someone waved the fucking dude down.
  20. Creepy, I just finished a mission in Saints Row where one of your gang members is being dragged behind a rival gangs truck. That is seriusly messed though, unless your driving a tank, you'd probaby feel the car go over a full grown man, and notice some handeling and speed difference as his corpse is being dragged.

    This bowl goes to the man and family.

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