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  1. Discover this:

    Becoming extremely aware of your body is a great way to become soothed into the present moment. The more awareness you draw toward your body, the more anchored your mind becomes in the now.

    Drifty and spacey thoughts? Racing and maddening thoughts?
    Leave them behind by focusing all your attention on your body.

    For a limited time, this offer is absolutely free! And if you call within in the next 10 minutes, you'll have completely lost the point of paying attention to this thread.

    It's paradoxical in a sense:
    If you want to so "leave your body", the best way to do so is by becoming so aware of it!

    The key beyond is the key within.

    But again, the body is a great anchor. As you journey through illimitable realms of your mind and thought, your body is always a safe haven The more and longer you are extensively aware of it, the deeper your mind becomes. It is the thing to constantly return to, and almost consider it the home of thy mind. It is grounding, neutralizing, and absolutely refreshing! Because no matter how far you go, and as long as you come back, 'tis all good.

    This is great for meditation. To fully become sensitive and open toward the body and whether you traverse through dimensions of thought or not, body awareness should be that which you are constantly returning to whilst the tribulations of distraction ensue.

    Try it now, BE FULLY AWARE OF YOUR BODY! (And don't forget to rinse and repeat!)
  2. My GOD I need to learn to meditate I've been browsing philo too long to not try it out.

  3. It only brings greater richness to philosophy. I'm not sure why, but I'd have to guess it has something to do with heightened awareness. :)

    Check out the guide of how to meditate at the top of the forums. It's definitely a great start or check out buddhist sanghas in your area, they usually teach their own methods if you are into the personal aspect of things and all.

    much love
  4. Aah becoming aware of your body ... nice isn't it?

    Now what if I told you that it's nothing but an illusion? What if I told you that you are even less than a brain in a vat? What if I told you that you've been fooled into living a lie by believing that your even alive?

    Am I deluded? Or are YOU?

    Here's my point...

    I wonder if you are aware of the psychology studies where people are fooled into believing that a prop-hand is actually theirs through some masterful yet insipid trickery. This 'hand' is then smashed in front of these participants eyes and at the sight of this action the participant swear that they could feel the pain of the smashed hand as their own.

    Now what could I be on about? Finally a good question ...

    What made these people feel that this hand is their own? Empathy? Could be argued by some intelligent blades, but what's really interesting is the following.


    What if what your reading is what will set you free?

    Discuss ...
  5. wondering if this body of mine wasn't given,what would i be? Are you dead or are you sleeping?

    ..And whether this reference of a reality you mentioned is the body of the work of this master it would be inescapable since in this form what we are is what the mind is and we can feel the body we have. The perfect aren't busy trying to 'be'. Anyone can point out we are imperfect and all we are trying to do is live, whatever that means to you. Now, could you be trying to ruin the fun with the illusions? yep.

    transferable via the mind...simple really :rolleyes: lol idk why they responded to that?????

    What you will first notice when in your state of awareness is the subtly of the machine 'you' are steering. So , what if this masterful illusionist had no other purpose then to control us, what would be our creation if that was the purpose? Robots do the same things and they aren't ingeniousness and imperfect.
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    It's amazing how clear the mind becomes when you discard the imminence of the future, the indignation of the past and realize inner peace with the present.

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