Bob Marley's Best Clones

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  1. Well Bob Marley's Best Seeds (all 10 i put down were females :) ) are now all in flower.

    These are the 9 clones off of one of them

    All Clones rooted in Aquarium with potting soil and Clonex Gel covered with Saran Wrap and 20W flourescent (100% success)

    Pic 1 : Pre-Repot Veg Box for the clones (styrofoam cooler, reflectivity is Awesome)
    It has Digital Thermostat, PC intake/exhaust fan, 20W flourescent and naturally my Time Lapse Video Cam.

    Pic 2 : Pic of digital thermostat
    Pic 3 : Pic of PC Exhaust fan (Intake on other end at bottom)
    Pic 4 : TimeLapse Camera
    Pic 5 : Looking inside thru PC fan

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  2. Nicely done, really liking the cloning chamber! Also the last pic is awesome love how it has the fan around it. Kinda like artwork.
  3. nice set up. about how long did they take to root?
  4. 7 days and roots out the bottom today is day 8, will transplant tomorrow.
  5. i just took clones from my plants 5 days ago and there chilllin in humidity chamber in my room beside a window with lots of sun. i spray them everyday and they are looking healthy, i used B1 vitamin and filled it into the chamber about 1/2 inch high, the peat pellets have sucked up lots of the vitamin water but theres still 1/8 inch and the cubes are very moist, what should i do.
  6. my technique, probably the oldest and most used does not require misting/watering at all during the rootting process.

    Tank setup is simple.

    1 10 gallon tank covered all the way around with foil paper (you only want light from the top)

    1 2lamp 2ft flourescent (20w per lamp)

    Seran (sp) Wrap.

    Clones are taken stripped of its bottom most nodes and stem scarified on 2 sides about 1/2 inch, placed in ph balanced water immediately and left in there for at least 10 minutes.

    Dixie cups (clear plastic ones) holes large enought for water to drain out and roots to grow out of cut at the bottom, filled with average potting soil/mix, and thoroughly watered so its very damp.

    poke holes inside center of soil with pencil. Use good brand Rooting Gel Liberally (means alot) on the clone stem, place inside hole in soild and lightly press the top sides in against the stem to hold it up (this leaves a little pocket of air inside the soil)

    place all dixie cups inside the aquarium, and put saran wrap over the top tightly... make 6 small holes for it to breath, place flourescents on top and your done.

    in 7 days open it to inspect to see if you see any roots on the sides of the cup, if it needs watering a little then do it, should not have to though... put them back in and seal up the aquarium again the same way and wait 2 more days, roots should by then on day 9 be out of the holes at the bottom of the cup.

    Clones that fall over after an hour is not good but dont give up on them, just let them go, you might be surprised they bounce back at the last minute. REmove excess large fan leaves, usually you will have 2 large ones, only leave one large fanleaf off.... If everything is going ok with the clone and its rooting that fanleaf will turn yellow, (its not a bad sign its a good sign).

    hope to have helped... in your case, i say cover them and take out that water and only leave the peat pucks moist.

    Dont know about B1 vitamine having the correct stuff in it to promote rooting which is 4-indol-3-ylbutyic acid.

    I use CloneX by Groth Technology, havent found a better one yet.
  7. ThriveAlive B1 and it's made for stressful situations like rooting/cloning/transplant. I use humidity chambers, but im gunna construct something to make sure only light can get in from the top, with this, i see no difference to your setup.
  8. Huge difference, your cuttings are constantly wet from the soil being constantly wet, mine is just initially damp and gets dried out as the 7 days passes... I personally found the stem being constantly wet takes a hell of a lot longer to root than one that is not.

    About your B1.. did some research on it and its aint the best thing for cloning, at least not used alone, but great to help plants revive during transplant ect ect and to stimulate root growth, but its NOT a rooting hormone.

    Even their site says and i quote :

    Notice they say "Soil Drench" which is what i do, this does not mean simply using that solution alone will grow roots, it might help but its not the best way to go about it. Rooting Gel/powder should be used.

    I can almost bet you, that you use regular water with your technique you still get the same percentage of success, as the B1 really doesnt have anything in it that stimulates rooting (root growth after already roots yes) but then again many other products do that, something as simple as Schultz plant food.

    All i am saying is, constant wetness is slower and without rooting jel even worse.
  9. All i use is the power and i never had one go wrong from it,
    I never use clear cups,stick to styrofoam much better for clones..
    I use sandwitch baggies over my clones and take them off 1 time a day for a half hour...seems to do the trick....

    I use Thrive Alive when i set my clones in a cup befor i dip in the power.....
  10. Correct, to wet the soil and soak the cuttings before putting it in soil, but its not a rooting hormone, that was my point. Powder leaves a residue on the stem where no roots developed and that area becomes a huge knot after time, something i dont like seeing on my stem or on my roots, so i stick to the jel (CloneX)

    your method works, i found no difference in styro vs clear, and since no difference i found clear cheaper and you can see if its rooted at 7 days without poping it out of the cup.

    baggy works, but for me, i rather set all the clones in my cups, cover it and not have to worry about it again until 7-9 days and they will be ready and rooted without any intervention by me what so ever.

    Trust me i've done it the other ways, watching and waiting on them hand and foot each day by misting, covering / uncovering, all that effort with less results....

    To me, aquarium, well soaked soil (regular tap water) and Clonex and 7 days is all i need to do, no monitoring, no misting, no nada.. when i open it up they are ready to transplant 100% success every time.
  11. Your ok in my book dier;)
    i read up and stole some good info from you:D

    your way is great for you and it would be for me BUTT i dont have the fishtank:rolleyes: i did as a kid,wish i hung on to them...

  12. Its cool, whichever way works for you, just dont like to be constantly revisiting them every day, makes things seem that much longer.
  13. PS doesnt have to be a fishtank can be a plastic cooler without the lid anything airtight on the sides that can be covered with saran wrap on the top.
  14. I think I'll be trying it this way... I haven't taken clones before but I plan to in a few weeks. Dier, do you think I should use my rockwool cubes since I have them already or just use soil? Other people have said soil isn't the best thing to root clones in, so I'm not sure...

    The rockwool cubes are the kind meant for cuttings with the slit all the way up one side so you can just fold them around the stem. Maybe I could use cups filled with soil and just put the rockwool cube in the center of the soil... that way it has something to sit in... and the bottom of the stem will get plenty of oxygen from being in the rockwool, and then the roots can just grow through it into the soil. what do yout think?
  15. Works just as well with rockwool 1 or 2 days more, keep the rockwool moist though....

    I once posted a picture here of rockwool clones in the same setup. but ya the pics all gone now
  16. hey dier don't get your panties in a knot, i never didn't say i used rooting hormone gel dude i just made it clear i used B1 cause it HELPS. thanks for the info tho.

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