Bob Marley Quotes

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  1. Bob Marley is the best singer who earn his good prestige in the world. he was born in
    february 6 in 1945. he was death in may 11 in 1981. He was famous in the world by the post of
    singer, songwriter, and musician. the "Buffallo Soldier" is the best song which song was famous in the world.
    He most famouses for this songs at these day. He sing beautiful songs which is very nice to listen.
    Marley was born in nine mile which is birth places.Bob Marley was a member of the Rastafari movement, whose culture was a key element in the development of reggae. Bob Marley became an ardent proponent of Rastafari, taking their music out of the socially deprived areas of Jamaica and onto the international music scene.
    so he is very best singer of the world

    Bob Marley Quotes

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