Bob marley mellow mood drink, question about it

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  1. when should i drink it?
    how long does it take to make me get tired and fall asleep?

    i know it isn't marijuana in a can lol, idiots on youtube say it is, i laugh, i just saw it at price chopper after seeing it online and want to give it a try but im not sure what time to drink it, anyone have experience
  2. Whenever u have time for a nap.. it contains melatonin
  3. but how long will it take to kick in
  4. Does it actually make you sleepy? :eek: Saw it in a shop near me, but thought it was just something to make it sell and it was a normal drink. If it makes you sleepy I might have to try it out.
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    Get your monies worth and get this instead of buying something that makes you drowsy. What's the benefit of that.
    Monster m-80 is 80% fruit juice compared to most other fruit energy drinks which is 10%, it taste very smooth and sweet and has a tropical flavor to it, definitely some mango and pineapple and others.

    Don't even bother buying that Bob Marley marketing scheme bullshit, you should be ashamed and Bob Marley would be rattled at what they did to him. Only kids buy that shit really and pretend to be stoned..

    And there's not even enough Melatonin in it to feel ANYTHING it's all that other shit that does it. 1mg isn't going to do fuck all. Even snapple has melatonin in it and you don't see people acting all stupid from it.

    And why is this in the Real Life Stories section it should be in the trash.
  6. drink one and expect to feel crazy tired after an hour at most.

    after the hour smoke a bowl and BAM! lights out. sleepy time

  7. yeah i know bob marley himself would be really angry that so many companies make money off him to make people look like stoners. I'm just trying it since i bought it and was curious, and was only a dollar and 79 cents
  8. To be honest they didn't do shit to me after I drank 3 of them.
  9. It's just a over priced drink with a ton of melatonin(sp?) which you can get from A TON of things, tea just being one of them.
  10. if it has any beneficial sleeping effects it would be as illegal as mj.. and yeah drink monster if u want a heart attack
  11. Wow really it's that cheap there? Lucky. If it wasn't like $3.00 here for basically nothing I'd consider trying it once but never again.

    I'll happily stick to my carbonated nectar tropical fruit juices with vitamins, taurine, ginseng and other shit I forget even though I have like 10 cans on my desk.
  12. There's like 1mg - 1.5mg in it, you wouldn't even feel anything other then placebo.
  13. I drink it at work. Its not that strong. Just kinda mellows you out.

    Btw its got valerian root extract in it as well which GC sells as a sleep aid.
  14. I bought this one time without even thinking about the melatonin, chugged it down, was out like a light 40 minutes later, I usually have issues falling asleep too, thats melatonin for ya tho lol

  15. Never had it just figured it was like lazy cakes which have a high amount of melatonin in it. Also monster and what this drink are supposed to do are two different things.
  16. Ive had it before, I drank one on the car ride home and nearly passed say it works
  17. I drank a few and nothing happened... It tastes alright though, so there's that.
  18. "Oh my God! I am so high on my own brain chemicals man!"

    -15 year old kid who drinks Bob Marley Mellow Mood Drink
  19. Drink didn't do shit to me and I was already stoned.. It tasted alright though.
  20. Melatonin cannot be absorbed through the gut, taking melatonin supplements and drinks does not work, if u feel anything, it is most likely placebo

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