Bob Marley Kicks ass!

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What's the best Bob Marley song?

  1. Jammin'

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  2. Get Up, Stand Up

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  3. One Love

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  4. Other

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  5. I don't like Bob Marley.

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  1. I just love bob marleys music!
  2. i cant believe you left off "redemption song"!!!...damnit maan..i voted for "one love"
  3. No, Positive Vibrations is definitely the best song. No question.
  4. Sorry, you should have voted for "Other", anyways those 3 were the only three that came to mind...Sorry if i left ur favorite out
  5. HAHAHAHA ..dont apologize man, its allright :D...i like one love a lot too :D
  6. His music flows so well, and its calm. Even my friend who listens to Marilyn Manson and Slipknot (not saying they're bad) and actually thinks satan rocks loves Bob Marleys music. He's actually coming over tomorrow and were gonna get lit and blow up some shit for fun. Yeh, life is sweet.
  7. i don't really listen to his shit, but i have lots of respect for him.
  8. no woman no cry and exodus kick ass..... and i voted for jammin, cuz its probably 3rd in line. bob kicks ass like no other
  9. He is sooo kick ass!
  10. my favsare kaya, could you be loved, and no woman no cry. oh yeah and three little birds....and everything else by bob cuz he kicks so much damn ass its not even disputable.
  11. Yesterday I finally figured out what your avatar was... It's Peter Tosh's first (solo) album "Legalize It"! Anyways... Peter Tosh was Bob Marley's lifetime pal and partner in The Wailers for those who don't know
  12. i love stoned right now and listening to a bunch of old bob marley songs....yep....this is the school....i just realized how much my life rocks......
  13. i got no favourite marley song. it's all good. cannot decide.... clicked other.

    my vote: all of them... just the spirit and the good vibes... don't worry, be happy.
  14. has anyone else even heard of positive vibrations? A lot of my friends that listen to him have not and it is an incredible song when ur baked.
  15. positive vibrations is aok

  16. Speaks nuthin but the truth....That is the best song man...for real
  17. digit did you just say dont worry be happy is one of your fav bob songs??? im pretty sure thats a bobby mcferrin song. not bob marley. but that song is prettty cool.
  18. Stir it up and No woman No Cry.
  19. bob marley has so much meaning and messages. its cool to listen too AND learn from. my favorite song is get up stand up bu i could listen to every one over and over or the rest of my life and not get tired of it
    he poll wwont let me vote
  20. I chose other, as in, all of the above and even more. I can't ever pick a "favorite" Marley song, because every single song contributes to what made him so... IMPORTANT in the world of music.
    His music carries important messages which are both timeless and uplifting. I love listening to Marley, it can be such a positive point in my day so it's always a definite must in my playlist.

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