Bob Barkers 4ft 6 bulb T5 grow.

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    I saw some nice grows especially SCROGS using T5'S so I thought I would give it a go. I TOPPED a couple plants, LST one, FIMMED one and let two do their own thing so I can see what works best. Currently day 52 flowering. Been flushing for 4 days.
    This looks like its going to be my first successful harvest! I dont know why I waited so long but last year I was battling cold ass temps in my garage. I thought my 600w light would provide enough heat but I was wrong. Lost the plants when outside temps hit freezing plus humidity issues and I didnt want to bring the 600w light in my house.
     After these are finished I'm going to do a nice SCROG. I already have the cage thing from my failed attempt, just need the space. I'd really like to buy another T5 fixture so I can have 2 in the tent but I'm trying to keep power consumption in my house low. My garage has beefer wiring but its to cold out now and I'm not going to waste energy heating that sapce up.
    Light cost $140
    • 1 - Apollo Horticulture Lighting System with a 7.5' Grounded 120V Power Cord
    • Package Includes 6 -54W T5 Fluorescent Bulbs - 6400K
    • Fixture Measures - 48" x 19" x 2"
    • Total Wattage - 324W / 3.0A
    • This lighting system can be hang 3 ways - Overhead, Vertical, or Horizontal
    Tent $150
    I got the T5 with Veg bulbs so I ordered a 4 pack for flowering for $24.

    I'll post some bud shots when the lights come back on :)

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Think I will pull up a chair if you don't mind. I would like to see and here more. How many plants what strains soil.... Ect?

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  4. Looks awesome. Nice project u have going in. Looking forward to your results. Thanks for posting.

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  5. Well buds are looking great mate and deffo a good idea for the cfls in that tent and nice on the techniques. This a first grow?

    auto help page if you need help with autoflowers

    new vote page sept please vote
    Wow first harvest mate you smashed it

    auto help page if you need help with autoflowers

    new vote page sept please vote
  6. Thanks for the kind words. Its my first grow I'll get bud from :) Last time I tried I lost the plants to mother nature. Winter grow in the garage didnt work out like I planned LOL
      Chocolate chip cookies. I'm looking for a box of peanut butter cookies that requires a stick of butter. I jog and stuff and I can definitely  feel the differance in my lungs,
  7. Subbed.  I'm impressed those are some beautiful plants!  I just so happen to have 6 bulb t5HO that I normally use for seedlings but been wanting to put to other use.
    I'm here to learn what I can do with em. :smoking:
    How big is the tent and how much area do you say will that light effectively illuminate?

    p.s. I fuckin love Price is Right I used to watch that show with my grams as a kid back in tha day.  Gotta love those ladies.
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    The tent is 60"x60"x80" and I have plenty of room to stand/sit inside the tent on either side of the plants. The light messures 48"L x 19"W so I would say it will cover that effectively :confused_2: . All my plants are directly under the light fixture and more tops the better with this T5 I think. There are a few decent lower buds but the tops definitely soak up most of the light. I also keep the light 1½-2 inches from the cola's. I have 4 flowering bulbs and 2 veg in the fixture. Hope some of that helps.
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    If anyone wants to get weird with it watch this public access show from the late 70's.
    ​TV Party was a public access cable show that ran from 1978 to 1982 in New York City and featured everyone from Debbie Harry to David Byrne to Iggy Pop to Basquiat. In this episode, the TV Party fashion crew gives a woman a makeover.
  10. One twist tie worth of LST. This plant wants to fall over. Wish I had put a couple extra bamboo support rods in. If I were to do it now I think I would damage a lot of roots.
    Flower bulbs were turned off for better picture lighting. This is the fimmed plant. The 2 big buds and 2 lower center ones are 1 plant.
  11. Beauties man I'm inspired to use my t5ho's.  But I can't find cheap 2700k's  on amazon Canada like you have linked in your original post.
  12. Does it cost a lot more to buy from USA amazon?
    Maybe email the seller of the lights about shipping to Canada?
    I don't even think it's possible to buy from  I don't think there is shipping option for that.
    But yes anything purchased from USA comes with heavy border import/duty fees.  Being a consumer in Canada sucks.  Everything costs more. :p
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    Damn right it does! So glad I live right near the border (Even though I can't cross for like another year and my mom has to go pick up my stuff....stupid probation) lmao.
    And Bob, foxtailing is simply when a ripe bud starts to basically grow buds out of the main cola(s). This is how you get odd shapes such as this one.
    Basically you'll just see a bunch of new white hairs coming out of different spots on a mature bud.

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