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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stoned budda, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Setting the old grow room up again, and i want to go organic with my hydro unit. I utilize an ebb n flow system with three flood tray, i usually use 3ft rock wool slabs with 6x6 blocks. For nutes i usually use Technaflora products.

    What i want to do is drop the rockwool and chemical nutes, in hopes of being rewarded with better taste and smell, can anyone steer me towards a substitute for the rockwool that will work well in an ebb n flow set up?

    Yes i know i spelt board wrong.
  2. shiiit...nobama!? ahh! no Mccain!! but anyways.... you can use coco with canna. but you can get a great smell and taste with chem, just flush it.
  3. use expanded clay pellets.
  4. I was looking into coco tek blocks and slabs, but i heard they dont wick very well, that they are better for drip systems as opposed to flood trays.

    PS, Fuck McCain and Obama, they both useless, lets grow weed! lol.

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