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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by imcndn, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Hey all,
    Just found this great board while surfing the net looking for ideas to clean my pipe.

    I love the forum setup and all the info that is around. I think I will stick around.

    So, what do you all suggest for cleaning a metal pipe? I read somewhere about soaking in rubbing alcohol, and there is always the tedious scrape. I am not a resin smoker so I am not concerned with keeping the black stuff.

    Any suggestions?

  2. :wave: Step on in and see what our City has to offer.....

  3. Come on in and sit a spell.. Welcome
  4. Thanks for the welcome!
  5. Sure alcohol will work pick up some pipe cleaners from your local store. And you can always swirl in a bunch of salt for those hard to reach places. Welcome to the city. :)
  6. welcome to the city! keepin it clean! :)

  7. I used the alcohol and salt. Worked really well. My older pipe was so caked that I had to repeat a couple of times but nowit pulls like a brand new pipe. Not to mention the shine. I haven't seen that copper shine like that is ages!

    Thanks for all the info guys.


  8. A week without?!?!? I will be smoking oregano at that point.

    Thanks for ther welcome!

    Nice webpage BTW.


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