Blurry vision

Discussion in 'General' started by gelignite, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Hey, recently I've been smoking and I've been getting blurred vision. Last night when I checked out my eyes while I was high, one pupil was slightly larger than the other. Does this happen to anyone else/should I worry about this?
  2. happens to me but i've only noticed it when i was blasted and drunk as a skunk.
  3. if i eat alot, i get double vision, and i get blurry vision when i hotbox something and go outside into sunlight or a really really bright room...but that last like two seconds

    And my pupils just are always large, basically my eye color is black if im really gone...its kinda weird
  4. haha yea were u really drunk bc thats good reasoning
  5. Not at all, that's why i dont know wtf is going on.

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