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  1. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has had success just using a Blurple LED light compared to the white lights such as marshydro and other companies out there? How were your yields? any issues? I currently use VIPRASPECTRA LED with both switches vegetative and bloom . I like the design and ease of use. Please advise, thanks !
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  2. Forget bluple,Mars/ vipar. They need to be left to die lol. Look at quantum boards. If don’t have the budget look for them on alibaba. Plenty of folks round here getting good results.
  3. Crap I just ordered the Marshydro ts2000 led . It shows good reviews though. It’s a white light
  4. there so much more to a good light. How much did you pay? tbh people manage to grow with anything aperently lol. But we always want the best the most right? So I try to always point people in a good direction, which is qbs as they are the best we have today. Other lights use the same parts as long as you know how to look.

    I’m just very anti mars/vipar as they have been. Conning growers with their fakeness for far too long. But people get results so don’t let me put you off to much.
  5. I use these to grow these [​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. Wow very nice !
  7. And I use these
    2BA85A2C-8D1C-4BB6-B982-AC18A1B6619B.jpeg 6E39472C-F299-4259-8A6E-7EB19F1BDA80.jpeg

    Or 270w of qb for this 10+ ounces.

    As I said You can grow with anything. It’s just light.. but more always equals more lol.

  8. Where did you buy these lights from?
  9. Amazon, 3 year warranty and they pull a true 450 watts each from the wall.

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  10. Link?
  11. Just search iplantop in amazon

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  12. I did and other lights are showing except this one. I already ordered the Mars TS2000watt led . You think that’s good enough?
  13. so wait that plant is under 900w? What size the tent?
  14. That's a good light. Not the best, but a really good light.

    684pcs LEDs and it's not a blurple light.
  15. She's in a 4x4x8 room and yes under 900 watts of led.

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  16. well then hopefully even you see the negatives to blurples. 900w is crazy. Was you actually recommending them!??
  17. for what size tent. And how much did you pay??
  18. I recommend them yes, and well I'm under a 1000 watts and get amazing results. The girl in the pic is 32 days of flowering so far, I just use what works for me.

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  19. It’s a 3 by 3 tent 319.00 . Based on the specifications it’s is meant for a 3 by 3

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