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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Luv Tha Nug 420, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. ight word im from pa and im tryin find a place where i can buy a bigger then reg blunt ex:true blunt wrapps, and ex: phillies or games etc are to small for the amount tree i wanna blaze.. i wann blaze about 5gs or more in one L:smoke: oh southern chester county... is where im located
  2. Just go to any tobacco shop and ask them for there cigar section.

    Those other blunts were Cigarillos, "little cigar" if i'm not mistaken. I did it before, smoked that shit for an hour, i have pic, i might post later, im high atm,

  3. no mann i mean i went to wawa and bought a white owl single thts no fast break black mild i cant roll it too much tree it just wont fit mayb its how i roll but tht anit changin soo
  4. 5g blunt? Thats pretty legit. Check out your local head shop, thats where I pick up the fatty wraps.
  5. dude i went to moon flower in west chester they only got bowls bongs and other pipes... dint see any blunts tht would fit it. also the clerk was soo redic he dint kno wat i was askin for hahah
  6. why not get a piece?

    i used to blaze joints/blunts daily.

    but i found the lovely goddess named glass.
    now i wont go back.

    5 gram blunts are a waste...
  7. brahhh i have two bowls... just like to switch it up and i find blunts just way more chill... and man i feel for u not smokin blunts sucks...
  8. i smoke blunts in big groups. occasionally.

    i just get higher and a clearer high when i smoke out of a bubbler.

    plus blunts get expensive after a while, drop a dollar a day
    or get a nice glass piece for 50 and it lasts forever.
  9. untill u drop it and i brakes hahah... wonder why i have too... anuy ways cky??? from philla like bam and ish??? oh also blunts are fun for some tricks and just relaxing for me
  10. my highschool art teacher was from west chester.
    he told us all the shit he used to do up there and how crazy it was.
    he even tagged a bunch of trains and did a graffiti art project.

    and the bubbler isnt mine, so i hold on to it tighter than a hooker holds your cock son.

  11. and tht makes u in CKY camp? wher u from
  12. You can twist up 5 g's in a game or dutch.
  13. ehhh it was close wit the dutch i cracked... the min i licked the it shut it ripped...
  14. Im from southern PA and I bought a couple Super Blunts from a cigar shop. They should hold at least an Oz.
  15. :hello::hello::hello:

    :hello: finally what place ??? im from malvern if it rings a bell... any wher near there tryin to twist up a 5-7 g l before my football game friday night hahahha
  16. Why dont you just pack a phillies titan or something like that?
  17. couldnt you just double roll 2 blunt wraps or something? you can stick 4 together so its super long and super wide and just role some crazy fucking blunt.
  18. never thought of tht thanks... man

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