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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluntface, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. Blunts 4 life! Started smoking weed from blunts and never turned back. As for preference, gotta show love for White Owls. Get a nice pineapple flavored one from my local gas station and twist up a Fatty then proceed to take a nice blunt ride and get blitzed:smoking:
  2. hey look people. i have a bong and i smoke mad blunts. and since both of them fuk me up? y bother to argue which one is better. if it fuks u up? does it matter?
  3. long as you get the same result in the end, what does it matter.
  4. i smoke 2 blunts a day and i gotta say my favorites are greenleaf dutches they burn so slow with the extra leaf it's amazing and they get u wrecked. also tried backwoods for a while they r very good but u need some experience to roll them.
  5. I just rolled my first blunt with a Royal Blunt wrap the other day. It was blueberry flavored. What are everybody's favorite flavors?
  6. i have to say blunts is by far my favorite way to smoke weed, however when i am low on weed i generally smoke bowls, bongs, or my personal favorite device...the steamroller. I have a pretty good method down that i learned because all of my friends do the same thing.

    1. Buy a dutchmaster blunt(i'm not sure how well this works with others), i prefer vanilla.
    2. Lick the whole blunt and cover it in as much saliva as possible.
    3. From the end you smoke, carefully unwrap the outer layer so that you keep the whole thing intact.(dont fret over small rips)
    4. Crack off the smoking end(you'll see why)
    5. From the far end either cut near the crease with a razor or its possible to crack it down the middle with your hands(razor is eisier and neater)
    6. Empty contents
    7. You can either cut off the strip of thicker paper, or keep it leaving a more sturdy blunt to roll
    8. Neaten all parts of the blunt if desired, the part that was peeled off should have the ends cut at an angle.
    9. Moisten the inner part of the blunt, but dont roll it while its wet
    10. Fill with weed, and instead of 'rolling' like a joint, take the bottom end and wrap it around the marijuana, and tuck it under the pot.
    11. Wet the other side well and close it up(if you do a shitty job dont worry, as long as it doesnt have holes and shit
    12. take the part you peeled off(some people i know cut out the veins, i dont) and cover it in saliva, back and front.
    13. after this is soaking wet, lay it flat on a table such that the two ends of it are vertical.(the actual wrap should be diagonal)
    14. Roll the blunt either downwards or upwards along the wrap(there will be excess wrap)
    15. After rolled, cover the blunt in more saliva so that it looks perfect.
    16. Cut the ends, and let dry(i prefer natural drying over baking it)

    This method yields amazing blunts(not that artificial fruitiness from those damn blunt wraps that i'm sure many of you enjoy). These blunts burn slow, consistant, and with clipped ends they hit very nicely. Its also a good method for blunt rolling newbs, as if you mess up the first time you have the wrap to correct it. And if you are a dumbass and you somehow rip both, you have leftovers to patch it up. This method is good for advanced blunt rollers because you can roll the first thing loose, and then control the tightness of the blunt with the wrap eisier, allowing you to roll the perfect tightness.
  7. I love my old school Kansas City learned Honey Blunt method myself....

    a green leaf Vega cut open with a razor blade or licked and split open carefully, emptied of course of the tobacco, filled with your favorite stuff such as blueberry or northern lights and re-sealed with honey up to about an inch from the top (don't want honey on my mouth). Then drop that bad boy in the oven for a few minutes and turn it over for a few more (no more than six) and wah lahhhh.....pure heaven....
  8. are you serious guys.. some noobie started this thread back up.. its like almost 4 years old haha i hate that..

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