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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluntface, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. cause i started college 2 weeks and 6 days ago
  2. kind of but it's not about remembering it's about not procrastinating and doingwhat i NEED to do instead of what i WANT to do
    ya know?

    but come christmas break DaWodin's cominc back to seattle and so am i an ooohh god damn is the weed gonna get incinerated
  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? you cant just stop bunning! You should bun after you do your homework at night. Thats what i'm trying to do lately.Do all your homework... then smoke a personal splif or blunt in my case. It feels so rewarding cuz you got shit done and get to chill before bedtime!!!!

    But i hear you, you gotta do what you need to do D-structive! Respect!

  4. not a fan!

    Like someone said, honey burns all weird and black, and kinda stings me! If anything use to extra sparingly, just it looks soooo good and you wanna just spread it on! SPARINGLY! so you cant even see it. i like a bit to seal the blunt! A touch of maple syrop is aight as weLL!
  5. Individually wraped blunt wraps!

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  6. A box of Blunt Wraps, should look like this at convenience stores!

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  7. looking at those blunt wraps make me DROOL since i cant smoke till thanksgiving (the canadian one!)

    BTW bluntface i live in the GTA.......where do u get those 8 packs of royals.....i've only SEEN then on the friendly stranger website .....and my usually place doesnt carry them, just the ez tubes or whatevre theyre called
  8. Whenever I'm mad conservin....and have the urge for a blunt, just snip the doobie in half and smoke it like a mini-blunt. wooot. :)
  9. BlingDog: Yah the 8-packs are at friendly stranger. Bay and Younge more or less. In scarborough - Funky Skunk has them. But convenience stored dont carry that yummy shit! They should.

    Bong Solo: I hear yah! a blunt is a session for usually 2 peeps or more. But a 5piece and a a half blunt wrap will be burning for ever!!! such a nice treat for yourself to endulge in!

  10. Instructions for rolling one of the best Swishers of your life:

    1: Find a Razor blade or knife, razor preffered, and cut a straight line all the way to the end of the cigar. Empty the guts out.

    2: Look for the end of the cigar on the inside, near where you put your mouth. The inside of it should look a lot different, ie lighter in color and different in texture. Cut this end off CAREFULLY!

    3: Remove the outside paper, this nasty tasting part can completely ruin a good blunt experience.

    4: Turn the Dark paper that's left, inside out. Don't fold it, this can cause tears, make the blunt run a bit, or even make it so it's alot harder to roll.

    5: Put your chopped up bud all along the gar paper, just a little bit below the middle of it. The bud doesn't have to be powdery at all, small bits of bud are in fact preferrable in blunts.

    6: Roll it as you would a joint, but not as tight. Seal it with copius amounts of saliva. Then, put a lighter to it, to dry up the paper a bit. Add more spit, then put a lighter to it again. You should probably do this about 4-5 times to insure it sealed correctly, as the inside out method makes it a bit harder to seal.

    7: You'll notice it's quite a bit looser than a joint, that is alright, for now at least. Find a pencil and stuff the bud down gently. I say gently in the sense that you don't jab it, you push it slowly down, letting up on it a bit, then repeating.

    8: Light that shit. The person who rolled gets to light it, but he gets more than the normal amount of hits for blunts (3), to insure it is lit correctly and not running.

    9: 3 Hits then pass, if you cough, you lose your hits for that round. By doing this, you are allowing the deep hits to affect you alot more than if it was just puff puff pass. Don't hate on anyone who is taking a bit longer on the first two hits, blunt's are a leisure smoker's dream.

    I know 8 & 9 are circle things, but the more people you educate on this, the less people you have to explain it to while stoned :)
  11. I never new blunts could run if you rolled them decently....Joints are somethin else though, fuckin friends always gotta ruin joints by makin those bitches run straight down the middle.
  12. my god i've learned so much here and i thought i knew it all lol! i had no idea that's what blunts were. i thought you guys were just talkin about big fatties! somethin new to try!
  13. BLUNTS!!

    i like blunts...

    i like joints...ive only rolled one joint that runs:D

    i guess its the rolling machine or somethin.
  14. any person says that smoking blunts is a waste of weed needs to get their head checked. I don't know how you all smoke, but even when i have a little bud I would still rather a fat blunt then be a conservate fucker and smoke bowls. Don't get me wrong I owns tons of pipes (I am not joking either I have a problem with buying glass worse than smoking bud) but there is nothing more satisfying than a blunt or a huge fucking j. I don't know how all you people who smoke out there can say there is anything like wasting bud. it is a plant and you can always grow and get more so enjoy the good things in life and smoke a FATTY all day. NO SUCH THING AS WASTING BUD IT ALL GOES INTO YOUR LUNGS NOT LIKE IT DOESN"T GET YOU HIGH THE MORE YOU SMOKE.
  15. if you really want to get high and a good amount of weed do what stainless said about cutting the outside off but instead of throwing that away and rolling it inside out put the outside paper on the end of the wrap and roll a blunt TWICE, TWICE, TWICE AS LONG OH YEAH THAT'S THAT SHIT
  16. yeah i do actually i'll send u a private message in a couple of days when i get all the info from my brother its in federal way
  17. this oughta be enough..

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  18. it's a start


    keep in mind with blunts u dont over lap the seal anywhere near as much as a joint 2-5 millimeters sould be sufficient

    if u really wanna get blazed though gae a lot more weed and use the full blunt wrap with a 2-5 mm. seal

  19. Everyday last year when i went to school i would smoke a blunt before school, and before i went to bed. And now im broke:(
  20. that sucks I bet if you smoked out of a bong you'de be still chiefin:smoke:

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