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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by johnybravo, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. what are blunt wraps called like besides that ike what would you say at a gas station that sells them cause i dont want to go in there asking for blunt wraps if u know what i mean.

    also i never actuly rolled one myself so whats the best way to do it.
  2. a lot of them are called "blunt wraps" so just ask for blunt wraps. unless you want like a swisher er white owl, then ask for that
  3. swisher sweets, cigarallo, idk..
  4. blunts are disgusting. get some good papers at a headshop.

    but look for the "game" brand or "swisher sweets" if you must.
  5. I usually get the zig zag wraps... grape :D 'zig zag wrap's being the key words no need to say blunt
  6. Ask for a white grape game or a white grape dutch... That's what I first used to roll with because they're a lot easier to take the outer leaf off and they roll decently well too. On the other hand, dutchmaster's used to give me trouble finding the beginning of the leaf to take off but I realized they taste/roll better then games by sooooo much.
  7. ok thanks. any tips for rolling them?
  8. Tell him you want the Bob Marley special, extra crispy, he'll know what you're talkin' about.
  9. Cigar wraps
  10. Or you could just point and say "That one, in the brown box."

    I think there are a bunch of guides to rolling on here. Won't be too hard. If you're a total newb, you can always buy a black and mild, squeeze the tobacco out and put the herb in. It's a good last-minute fix.
  11. sssswwwwissshhheeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr sssweeeeeeetttttsssss
  12. I always just say the Flavor followed by the Brand name. For example: "Hey, can I get a grape swisher?" or "Hey, Can I get a strawberry white owl?"

    Hope that helps!
  13. Walk into station approach clerk
    " Grab me that raspberry juicy wrap"
  14. "Hey, can I grab a Philly?"
  15. ask for a cigarello or a blunt wrap, i mean that IS what there called lol
  16. many of them are called just "blunt wraps" unless your looking for another brand of blunt wrap just go to the gas station and ask for blunt wraps and the flavor u want and u should get it personally i only fuck with dutches cause wraps taste like playdough to me but thats just my opinion
  17. I ask for a white owl grape rillo, or the mango pineapple wraps I have started using. (Sounds dumb but it is fucking delicious!)
  18. Just get a grape dutch master
  19. You think you're the first person to ask for a blunt wrap?

    You'll be good with whatever you say
  20. well if you want a blunt ask for a white owl, dutchmaster, phillie, ect...
    if you want a blunt wrap ask for a royal blunt wrap, zig zag blunt wrap, ect... they are called blunt wraps, there isnt a proper term or anything. I personally recommend getting a white owl or a royal blunt wrap

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