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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by I_LOVE_BLUNTS!!, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. my friend told me this idea i havent had the chance to use it sum 1 try it and tell me how it works

    he told me to make a blunt with a gram or however much u got dip ur finger in maple syrup and spead a nice thin coat of it on ur blunt then put it in the mircowave on low (very low) for 10-30 sec i dont know how long

    he told me it makes the blunts burn slow as shit so get bac to me on this
  2. ya you can use honey and othershit too....
  3. never tried it with maple syrup but it works well with honey

    welcome to the city btw
  4. it works but i just run a lighter over it to dry it, too lazy to operare the microwave i guess
  5. if you cut your blunt to roll it, i like to use oil to seal it, makes for an even better high ;)
  6. I don't know about syrup, but with honey, you don't need to use the microwave. It should be ready to light right away.
  7. Yo ludachris nice avatar, I think the guy who plays bubbles is a comic genious, cracks me the fuck up every sunday.
  8. yeah bubbles is that shit, thats a canadian show eh ;)
  9. W00T for Trailer Park Boys.
  10. anyone seen the episode where bubbles has a dummy named conky? funniest shit ever
  11. uh? off topic here but, his avatar is tupac, so wtf are you talking about lol
  12. i just changed it today, it used to be a pic of bubbles from the trailer park boys, and b4 that it was tony montana
  13. 2pac is old....z-ro is texas 2 pac
  14. im not impressed with z-ro. and so what if 2pac is old? hes a legend. dont listen to much shit from texas except scarface. any other suggestions?
  15. cunninlynguists... bizzy bone :O get thugs cry by him, its good, so is "keep smokin", talib kweli, nas, yea. those are some real rappers :O

  16. i wasnt too impressed with 2pac. good rapper but not the greatest like so many say. texas has so much good screw, ugk, chamillionaire, slim thug, lil keke, the most hated, fat pat, aggravated, esg, 50/50 twin, yung ro, boss hogg outlawz, color changin click, freestyle kingz, magno and more i cant think of right now. its all mixtape shit here but im pretty sure you can download their shit if you look hard enough
  17. ^ not impressed with pac? find someone else with more emotion and meaning in their music. sure hes not the most lyrical cat like big l or big pun, but even after almost 8 years after his death his music is still relavent. i also like nas, biggie, immortal technique, talib, lloyd banks, and many many more

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