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  1. yo listen
    my guy wuz tellin me about this tobbaco store that got cheap prices its gonna close n there havin a HUGE sale so there having this deal that if u buy a lot of boxes of swishers u get a big discount. I dont remember tha exact number but i would end up saving a lot if i bought like 10 boxes of swishers. so u think i should do it? im jus worried that theyll go dry befor i get to use all o them
  2. are you a big blunt blazer? if you are,... DO IT.

    see the prices first, if ur getting a deal, grab a bunch of boxes. The cigars are rolled in a plastic cover, which will probably help a bit with dryness. u can always wet the cigars just before rolling and your good to go.

    i love swishers sweets, here its $10 for a 5 pack or 3$ singles. expensive... i know....
  3. i buy a box of 55 palmas about once every other week. they stay pretty frsh but if you let them sit there for a while they will go stale

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