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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dankidydank, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. blunts are my favorite thing to smoke, and i dont rly know why. because i know they are inefficient and take so much bud, but i just would rather be smoking a blunt over almost anything else (but i do change it up btween roors and volcs). anyone else the same?
  2. i just like the feel of a fat blunt in my hand like "yeah bitch! It cost $40" and smoke that shit. but i like my bubbler way more than i could ever love a blunt.
  3. I've met many pure blunt smokers who really only like smoking blunts. Usually these kinds of people have seedy crappy greens due to the fact that they roll so many blunts.

    I like the occasional blunt or fat double paper cone on a special occasion. I usually stick to bowls in a pipe or bubbler to conserve smoke. Whenever I have really good greens I usually smoke every bit in small bowls.
  4. Yes I try to only smoke blunts, but if I don't have enough bud i will smoke my bubbler. I used to smoke at least 4 blunts a day, mostly by myself lol. But now I'm too broke to buy weed, hopefully once I start getting paid I can continue that. I used to roll $350 a zip shit into blunts all day. I've never met anybody who smokes blunts like I do, besides my old best friend.
  5. I haven't appreciated a blunt since I've quit smoking tobacco.

  6. thats not true, cuz I used to roll 3-4 blunts, not with the finest shit but good beasters. 1.5-2 grams a blunt. I'm a real blunt enthusiasts cuz i love somkin in general but smokin that blunt really brings out the classyness like u dont give a fuck if u smell like ganja all day everyday. Forreal i feel u for loving blunts.:smoke:
  7. Blunts are my favorite but i dont smoke them so much anymore because the tobacco paper. but my blunt rolling talents are being waisted. i wasent called the blunt DR. for nuthin. i can roll em perfect and straight every time and i can fix any fucked up blunt. and ill roll up any weed in a blunt i dont care if its beasers or the green blunt i ever smoked was blueberry and AK-47.
  8. Growing up in the bay area, we just smoked blunts a lot. I use everything, blunts, papers, bongs, pipes, bubblers, vaporizors... When it comes down to it though, nothing beats smoking a fat blunt to the dome while i'm driving around. I feel ya on that shit. Also, that bullshit about poeple who just smoke blunts have seedy, crappy weed is blowing smoke outta his bum, thats b/s. We blow bomb green and purp... thats it.

    My favorite blunt is a swisher, if I can find it, peach swishers (I hate optimo's, they taste like shit when I roll em)
  9. yup norcal is big on blunts, esp swishers. almost everyone carries a 5 pack. well thats what i noticed while i was down there. We love swishers here too though, kush gets rolled up and smoked up =]
  10. love blunts, but i can't afford to smoke em all the time unless i got cheap buds. i still try, though :D
  11. I usually bring a blunt or two with me when I travel because I hate rolling joints, and a blunt is like 6 joints, and they can be re-lit later. Other than that, I rarely smoke them.
  12. Bongs and bowls are my favorite. I like smoking blunts though when you have like 5 or 6 heads. When that shit happens you roll up a couple. Yyyyeeeaaaa!
  13. Blunts gotta be my favorite way to smoke, too... its just that "fuck yea" attitude. Or joints for that "at one with the world" attitude (spiritual).

    And yea, for the most part its middies in a blunt, cuz who doesnt love FAT cheap blunts, but theres still nothing like rollin some dank shit into a blunt and burning money, oh man is it fun :D (half-sarcasm, but serious too)
  14. I love rolling a blunt more than smoking it. As far as smoking it, I would rather smoke one if I'm with a group of 3 or more people. Anything less and my bong is so much better.
  15. ya i grew up in the bay and everyones smoking blunts. now im goin to college up in colorado and i havent seen anyone else rolling blunts... except me of course i bought up the standard 5 pack of swisher sweets. but i do have to say if i have some straight kill from the club its gonna go in a bong bowl at worst but usually a volcano, i just cant be waistin that on blunts unless 3 or 4 people are throwin down.
  16. so is the entire west coast, i heard the factory is in the west coast. and phillies are made in florida, but phillies are terrible.
  17. 3 or 4 heads on a blunt... i'm straight on hittin it 4 times but whatever floats your boat. I dont consider it wastin, it gets me that "extra" high.
  18. Not to kill the thread or anything but ahh... I actually don't like blunts that much at all.

    1) Extremely inefficient, waste of weed.
    2) Smell like you're made out of weed.
    3) Clouds of smoke ^ chances of neighbors/cops/parents smelling.

    #3 isn't really an issue for me, I'm in college. But I can't walk around uni campus reeking like weed (#2).. it just doesn't work out for me. I love bowls and water bongs, I'm getting a bubbler (smoke bubbling bowl, w/e you call them) this month sometime but until then I'll stick with those two. Oh, and my Volcano too :D

  19. What a fucking waste. I would never smoke AK or blueberry out of anything but my spoon or a bong. Maybe a carefully rolled, conserving joint, depending on the circumstances, but blunts are totally pointless unless you have LOTS of people smoking. I've smoked 2 blunts in my life that wern't total wastes and that I enjoyed, and both where with 9-10 people.

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